LOL: Jew Author of “Semitism” Slapped Down for “Racism” by New York Times Negro

Daily Stormer
August 14, 2019

Jew Jonathan Weisman, author of the book “(((Semitism))): Being Jewish in the Age of Trump,” has been smacked down by a negro at the New York Times.

The Hill:

The New York Times is demoting its deputy Washington editor, Jonathan Weisman, over a pair of controversial tweets, removing him as a congressional editor and saying he will no longer be active on social media.

“Jonathan Weisman met with [Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet] today and apologized for his recent serious lapses in judgment. As a consequence of his actions, he has been demoted and will no longer be overseeing the team that covers Congress or be active on social media. We don’t typically discuss personnel matters but we’re doing so in this instance with Jonathan’s knowledge,” a Times spokesperson said in a statement to The Hill.

In July, Weisman deleted a tweet that outraged many in which he wrote that saying Democratic Reps. Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and Ilhan Omar were from the Midwest was “like saying @RepLloydDoggett (D-Austin) is from Texas or @repjohnlewis (D-Atlanta) is from the Deep South.”

Weisman was accused of racism over the tweets, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) retweeted the post and said “They literally are, &this comment is what erasure looks like.”

The complaints against the Jew don’t even really make sense. But that just makes it all the more delicious, because these are exactly the kind of irrational standards they use to tyrannize the goyim.

The Jew begged for mercy from disgusting fat black feminist Roxane Gay, a woman so obese she has her own gravitational field that sucks nearby objects into orbit around her.

But no mercy was forthcoming. She mocked the begging Jew on Twitter, mistaking him for a white man, as she quaffed down a basketful of burgers she had just had delivered. “The audacity and entitlement of white men is fucking incredible,” she tweeted, taking big bites out of the burgers of brown rage and licking up all the sauce that spilled onto her keyboard.

Few will shed any tears for the Jew. Weisman, while predicting a win for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, once gloated that the Trump movement would be seen as “the last gasp of a defeated populace,” by which he meant, of course, white people. 

They have promoted these low-talent browns into positions of influence to weaponize Diversity against us. And now Diversity turns on its progenitor.

There is tremendous satisfaction in this. But there may be more to this episode than meets the eye. Weisman had already been marked out as suspect by the Elders of Zion, who may have simply have been waiting for a chance to knock him down. The negro may have just been acting in the familiar role of messenger boy.

What did he do to incur the wrath of his own tribe?

First, years ago, he created a graphic showing that the chief opponents of Obama’s Iran Deal were either Jewish or represented Jew-dominated districts. The New York Times withdrew the graphic under pressure from the ADL and other Jewish power-players. If Weisman hadn’t been Jewish himself, this would probably have been a career-terminating mistake.

Second, in his book Semitism, he argued that American Jews should put America First and stop obsessing about Israel.

The American Jewish obsession with Israel has taken our eyes off not only the politics of our own country, the growing gulf between rich and poor, and the rising tide of nationalism but also our own grounding in faith.

Third, he married a goyess.

And fourth, he was a little too free in admitting that the accusations made against Jews by anti-Semites were actually true.

In his book he wrote:

The Jew flourishes when borders come down, when boundaries blur, when walls are destroyed, not erected…. Again, we see, national borders and walls, wherever they rise, tend to trap Jews, not liberate them.

This, and other quotes from his book, could easily end up in the manifesto of a “White Genocide” rampage shooter some day. Tribal elders may have decided it was time to shut this fool down before he did any more damage to The Cause.