Lots of Doomer Cops Appear to be Offing Themselves Now

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2019

We need to have an investigation into why everyone in our society feels like killing themselves.

Daily Mail:

A retired New York City police officer has shot himself dead at his Orange County home, becoming the 11th active or retired cop in the department to take their own life in 2019.

Jose ‘Joey’ Pabon, 49, killed himself in a shed at his home in Goshen, NY, early Wednesday morning, local police said.

Pabon retired from the NYPD four years ago, ending his career in the Internal Affairs Bureau. He joined the department in 1993.

Police say Pabon’s wife discovered his body, and he did not leave a note.

The NYPD is facing a suicide crisis – with the number of deaths so far this year already significantly higher than in previous years.

In the past five years the department has seen, on average, 4 to 5 suicides per year.

There are two explanations for this – someone is offing these cops, or these cops are, in actual fact, offing themselves.

I think that you have to have a certain level of IQ and a certain kind of a soul to even contemplate the idea of committing suicide. Case in point – you will never hear of a sheboon committing suicide, ever. You’ll hear about Asians who have been humiliated committing suicide quite often. And nowadays, all you hear about is some White guy in his 40s or 50s (never Boomers, natch) who just committed suicide.

Concerning cops, I suppose you have all these former soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan on ‘roids and heroin who are sad about being called racists while on patrol by uppity blacks.

Honestly, who even cares tho. 

Literally everyone except the Boomers is feeling suicidal presently. We’ve got a society of Doomers running around from all ages <55.

The only reason that no one talks about cops being sad is because they never sat down and cooked up a “Cop Doomer” meme to inform us of their plight. If they did, I’m sure more people would start feeling sympathetic.

At this point though, it’s a big “WOMP WOMP” from me, chief.