Lululemon Founder Condemns Gross Fat Black People in Company’s Ads

This is a Lululemon ad. Do you want to look like this? Do you want to be around people who look like this? Do you want to be associated with a brand that is associated with people who look like this?

There was a period where they were claiming that obesity was healthy. The media was doing this because it’s run by Jews, and they just always claim the opposite of what is true.

They called the pro-obesity movement “body positive” and “healthy at any size.”

Remember when people were outraged when the singer Adelle lost weight, as if she’d betrayed the fat revolution?

However, after a series of high profile deaths in this movement, of people in their 30s and 40s, the media seems to be backing off of the narrative.

Still, fat people have not yet totally disappeared from advertisements.


Founder and former CEO of Lululemon Chip Wilson caused a stir this week when he made remarks about the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion program. 

Wilson told Forbes that he was displeased with Lululemon’s “whole diversity and inclusion thing” at the apparel brand he founded in 1998 and maintains an 8 percent share in.

He also commented that the actors in Lululemon commercials were “unhealthy,” “sickly” and “not inspirational” before saying “You’ve got to be clear that you don’t want certain customers coming in.”

The company has distanced itself from their former leader, telling CNN in a statement that Wilson does not speak for the company and that his views don’t align with the brand’s values and beliefs.

Historically, women were supposed to see the Victoria’s Secret ads and say “I want to look like her.” Now, no one wants to look like this fat tattooed slobs in their ads.

The program to put ugly, fat people in advertisements has been a total failure.

It’s complicated to explain why George Floyd’s death meant we had to have fat people in advertisements, but as George Floyd’s death fades, and people start to become angry at black people for their endless violence, so too are fat people fading from ads.

Lululemon, for whatever reason, is deciding to keep fatties in their ads, no matter how much money the company loses.