Nearly 70% of American Soldiers are Too Fat

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It was recently revealed that 77% of American military-aged men are unfit to serve because they are too fat, drug-addled, or mentally ill.

Now, we’re finding that 68% of men already in the military are too fat to be in the military.

It’s really done a lot to help me deal with middle age, quite frankly, to know that I’m peak fitness for someone half my age.

But seriously – the Russians and Chinese aren’t fat like this. The Moslems are not fat like this.

But hey – you’ve got a lot of aircraft carriers, huh, Uncle Sam? That’s enough to fight a war with the entire world, right?

You’d better hope so, you faggot, because you don’t have any viable army.

New York Post:

Nearly seven out of 10 US service members are considered either overweight or obese — which may compromise the nation’s military readiness and undermine national security, according to a new wide-ranging study.

The American Security Project, a Washington-based nonprofit, found that 68% of US troops qualified as either “overweight” or “obese” under the Body Mass Index, which takes into account a person’s age, height and weight.

It also determined that the number of troops in the “obese” category have more than doubled over the course of the past decade — from 10.4% in 2012, to 21.6% last year.

The trend poses a “dire threat,” according to the report released last week.

To ensure the long-term strength and operability of the armed forces, services must decisively and cohesively address obesity within their ranks, maintain strong body composition standards and bring health policies in line with evidence-based recommendations,” the report says.

“Identifying, diagnosing and treating obesity within soldiers at the front lines of our national defense may ultimately determine the long-term survival of the force.

It may not be easy, but it is long overdue.”

Each branch of the United States military currently has its own “minimum body composition standards” that recruits must meet — and obesity is the leading disqualifier of military applicants and a “primary contributor to in-service injuries and medical discharges” at a time when the US military is struggling to recruit new members, according to the study.

I thought The Science said you’re healthy at any size?

Seriously, I know that’s a cheap shot – but seriously. This is what The Science is saying. So why should fat blobs be any less effective in combat than fit, healthy, high-testosterone Arabs?

One thing or the other is true:

  • Fat people are healthy
  • Fat people are a risk to the military

The fact that we live in a society that will say both things at the same time is the problem. This is called “Jewish.”

The Jews took over America to use it as their base for world conquest, but then they shit all over their own base, and turned the people they controlled into the lowest scum on the earth.

Seriously, go look around at Americans in public – it’s fucking disgusting. You just wanna… well. You don’t want to look at them. I’m handsome and fit, I dress well. Any substance abuse problems I may have are invisible, at least before dark. I want to live around people who don’t look like mutant beasts.

These creatures have been transformed. Go to Russia. Go to China. Hell, go to Africa.

You can say what you want about the natural state of the Africans, maybe they’re not the most handsome race, but if you look at Africans, they look like African humanoids. They don’t look like mutant monsters, with their fat pressing out of their pajamas that they are wearing in public.

Americans used to be the most handsome people of all.

These beasts that flood the land now do not even look human.

The Jews did this. The Jews did processed food, the Jews did the plastics, the Jews did the birth control pills, the Jews destroyed our self-respect.

You can’t send mutant beasts who can barely walk and breathe at the same time to fight a global war against every country, Jews.

We’re seeing these articles constantly now, like the Jews want to draft their mutant beasts and are realizing they can’t.

What they can do is draft this army of immigrants they’ve flooded the country with. They can see if that mixed multitude of the world’s genetic waste is capable of fighting like our Southern boys used to be capable of fighting.

Protip: no, they’re not capable of fighting like that.

We used to be the best on the earth.

Our Southern boys used to be a glorious army of death.

Now they’re a bunch of fat mentally ill drug addicts who can’t even manage a job at a gas station.

What the Jews have done to this country is the greatest tragedy in history.

We deserve to lose a war. We deserve to lose every war. We deserve to have Mujahideen doing Fortnite dances on our fat corpses.

You can read the full fatness report here.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.