Majority of “US Hispanics” Support Mass Deportation of Immigrants, Concentration Camps

The crazy thing about this is… “US Hispanics” have the political will to do mass deportations and concentration camps for their ethnic kinsmen.

If white people see one single video of some fat senorita crying as her crying child is ripped from her by an ICE agent in body armor, any deportation program would be immediately shut down. If a “US Hispanic” sees that, they’re going to say “meh, they’ll be alright.”

There will not be mass round-ups and deportations under the current political climate because white people are so weak. That is just the basic reality. Any such program would involve a lot of sad videos of women and children crying, and we would have to have a population that can shrug at that and say “it is what it is, we gotta get this shit done.” Obviously, some percentage of whites have that attitude now, but… not very many, percentage-wise.

New York Post:

A majority of US Hispanics now support the mass deportation of migrants living in the country illegally — and are evenly split over whether the feds should create large detention centers to assist in carrying the massive operation out, according to a recent poll.

A CBS News/YouGov survey conducted this month shows 53% of Hispanics are in favor of kicking out all of the undocumented immigrants who illegally enter — and 50% support the establishment of federal holding facilities to keep migrants before deportation.

Another 47% of Hispanics oppose the mass deportation plan — and 50% oppose detaining migrants as part of that process.

If such a plan is implemented, 57% of Hispanics back the involvement of local law enforcement agencies in identifying the migrants, while 43% oppose such profiling.

Former President Donald Trump in March announced that his second administration would execute the “largest mass deportation effort” in US history to detain and remove “nearly 20 million” migrants living in the country illegally.

A poll the following month from Axios found that 51% of Americans, 42% of Democrats and 41% of Latinos were in favor of those planned deportations.

Daniel Garza, president of the grassroots Latino advocacy group LIBRE Initiative, said Trump’s proposal was “within the confines of current law” and supported by Hispanics due to the chaos they currently see at the southern border.

It’s not just at the border. It’s been said: every town in America is a border town.

We are being buried alive.

It’s just basic common sense that these people need to be rounded up, so anyone other than ultra-emotional white women and faggots is going to support this.

Ironically, there is still “white supremacy” in this country, in that it’s white people who are going to decide whether or not they are able to emotionally tolerate videos of screaming women and children being thrown into vans by militarized cops in black uniforms, looking like the frigging Combine.

It’s not going to happen.

There is no chance it is going to happen.

I’m sorry to tell you that. Truly. I’m sorry. But if you believe this is going to happen, you are living in a fantasy world.

Now, if the economy collapsed in full or in part, then the population would be a lot less emotionally affected by videos of screaming immigrants. But as of right now, it is just absurd to even think about it.