Manhattan to Attach Junkie Drug User Center to Elementary School

For decades, parents were demanding that their kindergarten sons be taught how to cut their dicks off and get fucked up the ass by adult men. The fascist white supremacist Christian theocracy was preventing small boys from learning this until 2014, when states began recommending “I am Jazz” be taught to kindergartners.

This is a book teaching boys to cut their dicks off.

Planned Parenthood, a group that helps families by killing infants, also provides important information to kids about how to chop that sucker off.

This is what they teach preschoolers:

It’s hard to believe that a mere ten years ago, the fascist Christian theocracy was preventing 5-year-old boys from learning about how to cut their dicks off. It’s now taken for granted that every five-year-old should know how to cut his dick off, and know how to get his asshole lubed up for a serious ramming.

Still, parents wonder: “Why are my kids not being taught how to shoot up fentanyl by homeless people?”

You go to your kids’ elementary school and you look around and say: “Where are the homeless people teaching my small children how to intravenously inject opioids? This is supposed to be a center for education, not theocratic indoctrination by Christian white supremacists.”

Finally, New York is providing the opportunity for elementary school kids to learn to do hard drugs from homeless people.

New York Post:

The city is quietly planning to open a homeless shelter that could house junkies and ex-cons just five feet from the door of a lower Manhattan elementary school, The Post has learned.

The city Department of Social Services waited until June 13 to notify local elected officials and community board members of its controversial blueprint to convert a former Hampton Inn at 320 Pearl St. in the shadow of the South Street Seaport into a 106-bed “safe haven” shelter attached to the Peck Slip School.

It will be a “low-barrier” facility, meaning sobriety, criminal records and other obstacles typically used to screen residents for the neighborhood’s safety could be lifted.

Meanwhile, students and faculty begin summer break Wednesday, and the shelter is scheduled to open in the fall.

They seem to want to push this through when no one is around,” raged a parent with a son in third grade. “We recognize that many neighborhoods have shelters – but not attached to a school.”

Now, just as kids will learn the necessity of cutting off their dicks and getting lubed up anally, they will be able to learn how to make sure their needles are clean.

We are trying to build a utopia here, folks.

Our democracy is always trying to be more perfect.

Our tranny five-year-olds need to know how to shoot up with clean needles.

How can we bring democracy to the Ukraine if we don’t have it here at home?