Man Who Killed Pregnant Wife and Kids Receives Plenty of Love Letters

You’d think instead of it being a mere tabloid spectacle, the fact that women are sexually fixated on violent murderers would be a more serious topic of pop sociology.

There have been some books on it, and they have terms.

“Hybristophilia” means “attraction to people who commit crimes,” and “autassassinophilia” means “arousal at the risk of being murdered.”

But it’s not really examined in the culture, and taken to its logical conclusions about female sexuality and the way that the sexual revolution – that is, the unleashing of female sexuality – has transformed our society.

There are several such logical conclusions to be drawn – all of which are extremely concerning.

New York Post:

Five years after killing his pregnant wife and kids, Chris Watts works as a custodian at a maximum-security Wisconsin prison, and reportedly has some female pen pals — including one who claims he spilled all the grisly details of his sick plot.

Watts, 38, has a custodial job at Dodge Correctional Institute in Waupun, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections confirmed to The Post.

Sentenced to five life sentences for the August 2018 murders of his wife, two little girls and unborn son, Watts mostly keeps to himself, the WDOC told Inside Edition, and spends time writing pen pals, many of whom are women.

Cherlyn Cadle told Inside Edition in 2021 that Watts once shared with her the gruesome details from the weeks before he strangled his pregnant wife, Shan’ann, and smothered their young daughters, Bella and Celeste, whom they called Cece.

Watts alleged he planned the murders after he became “mesmerized” by co-worker-turned-girlfriend Nichol Kessinger, Cadle claimed.

The former oil field operator said he slipped Shan’ann, 34, OxyContin to end her pregnancy and admitted he tried to smother Bella, 4, and Cece, 3, hours before he finally killed them and stowed their bodies in oil drums, she added.

“At times, when he would talk about the murders, his eyes would turn so black. He just would get a different look on his face, and he talked about it so nonchalantly, like going down to get a cup of coffee,” Cadle recalled of an in-person meeting.

How is he supposed to talk about it?

Like how you talk about it?

Like gossip?

It’s fun for women to get off on this shit, but men actually have to deal with the guilt. And the prison.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.