New York: Conviction of Black Murderer Should be Overturned Because of Racism, Lawyer Says

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New York Post:

Chanel Lewis — the man serving a life sentence for the murder of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano — should have his conviction overturned because cops used an unfair “racial dragnet” targeting black men before landing on him as their prime suspect, his attorneys argued in new court papers.

Prosecutors allegedly failed to disclose the use of the so-called dragnet — in which the NYPD conducted DNA testing on “hundreds of black men” — before arresting Lewis, now 27, in the high-profile 2016 slaying, according to the documents filed Monday.

Detectives used the controversial testing method all because Parabon Nanolabs — “an outside, unlicensed lab” — had concluded “that the DNA profile of the perpetrator generated from the crime scene belonged to a black man,” Lewis’ lawyers, Ronald Kuby and Rhidaya Trivedi, wrote in the filing.

“How this racial dragnet led specifically to Chanel Lewis’ door remains unknown,” the filing states.

The alleged use of the dragnet was not disclosed to the defense team ahead of trial, the attorneys claimed.

In fact, it only came to light in a whistleblower letter that surfaced before jury deliberations at the second trial where Lewis was ultimately convicted — following a hung jury at the first trial, according to the court document.

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Parabon had issued a report to the NYPD after conducting biogeographic ancestry and phenotyping analysis on DNA lifted from the 30-year-old Howard Beach jogger’s cellhone, the filing alleges.

Since-resigned prosecutor Brad Leventhal allegedly “intentionally” hid Parabon’s report — and the “paper trail” showing that the NYPD used the company that wasn’t licensed in New York state, the court papers claim.

Testimony from detectives at trial “was carefully tailored to maintain a shroud of secrecy over the racial dragnet,” — with one detective allegedly lying at least once on the stand, the filing claims.

Lewis’ right to a fair trial was violated and had the new evidence come out earlier he may not have been convicted, his attorneys argued.

“While the truth of what happened in this case remains unknown, what is known is that the truth has been willfully, intentionally, and maliciously suppressed, in order to guarantee a conviction,” the filing charges.

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It is apparently illegal to report a suspect as “a black male” and then look for “a black male” in connection to the crime?

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