Israeli Police Clear Large Protest Calling for Ceasefire in Tel Aviv

While Israel was rejecting the Hamas proposal for a ceasefire, Israelis were marching in protest, demanding the government accept it.

The cops were of course sent to beat them.

I’ve seen people saying that a lot of Israelis support a ceasefire. I don’t really think this is true at all. These protesters are aggressive, but they seem to mostly be direct family members of hostages who want their people back.

The Guardian:

Hundreds of Israelis rallied have around the country, calling for the government of Benjamin Netanyahu to agree to the terms of a ceasefire deal that Hamas accepted earlier on Monday.

About 1,000 protesters gathered near the defence headquarters in Tel Aviv, while in Jerusalem, at least 100 protesters marched toward Netanyahu’s residence with a banner reading, “The blood is on your hands.”

Police were forced to clear a large protest from Tel Aviv’s Ayalon highway twice on Monday evening, local media reported.

The highway, which has been a focal point of anti-government protests over the last year, was blocked by families of hostages and others supporting a deal to free captives. Images from the scene showed a number of people who appeared to have been detained by police.

Footage from the scene showed hundreds of demonstrators banging drums, brandishing signs and shouting slogans.

Bibi is abandoning the hostages!” the demonstrators shouted.‎

Netanyahu is under growing pressure from the families of hostages to reach a deal for their release. They say that time is running out to bring their loved ones home safely, and a ground operation in Rafah could further endanger them.

Yeah, no one cares about the hostages except their families.

Israel could easily get back all the hostages by ceasing hostilities. What they had tried to do was say they would do a 60-day ceasefire in exchange for all the hostages, which doesn’t even make any sense. Why would Hamas give up their only leverage for 60 days of ceasefire?

Of course, the whole thing is: the hostages aren’t leverage. Israel doesn’t care. From the outset, the Jews said they were going to act as if the hostages did not exist, because hostage-taking is terrorism, and if you consider hostages, you’re negotiating with terrorists (and thereby encouraging more terrorism).