Maroon 5 Singer Harangued for Sending Messages to Greasy Slut on Instagram

Sluts are outraged that a famous celebrity would talk to them.

The metoo movement is still going, but they’re already purged everyone who grabbed a woman’s ass in 1996, so they’re claiming that it is evil and a big scandal to message a girl on Instagram.

This is really wild. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel and just trying to destroy any man’s life for simply being a man.

New York Post:

A fifth woman has come forward and claimed Adam Levine struck up a flirty conversation with her on social media.

Ashley Russell — who runs a fitness Instagram account with just over 4,100 followers — claimed that, earlier this year, the Maroon 5 singer would watch her Stories, like her posts and even message her directly.

Speaking to the DailyMail in an article published Wednesday, the 21-year-old claimed he would message her “almost everyday at night at around 10 p.m.”

“I would check every time I posted a story, which was every day, and it was always viewed by him,” Russell, who was just 20 at the time, claimed to the outlet. 

This is the bitch:

(Is that ass even real? If so, props – that is impressive. But I don’t know. I don’t care.)

She posts pictures of herself on the internet like this, looking like a bitch in heat, then claims she’s not looking for attention – especially not from famous musicians. Women are so insufferable.

“He would like mainly like booty stories and would always reply with something to do with leg or booty day at the gym.”

In a series of screenshots that captured the alleged conversations between Levine, 43, and Russell, he first wrote her, “‘Leg day. The most important and the easiest to skip.”

Later in their conversation, he allegedly asked her, “You’re in college right?,” before adding, “Nice work on legs. #commitment.”

Russell told the outlet she thought it was “weird” that Levine would allegedly talk to her, but she wanted to continue their conversation to see how far she could take him.

That’s the part in the news article where I started grinding my teeth.

“I was posting these naked pictures highlighting my ass and I was really offended when a famous celebrity took notice.”

How do these sluts get away with this? It makes me want to punch the wall.

She claimed, “He said he found me from his Discover Page on Instagram because he is ‘big into fitness’ and I have a fitness account. I knew it was weird so I wanted to keep it going to see if it got worse.

“When I told him he was going to get caught DMing girls like me he stopped texting me,” she alleged.

Despite not talking to her anymore, the singer would allegedly still watch her Stories.

I think this is the true meaning of disrespect towards a woman. It makes me very sad that he is married and does this immature thing,” she told the outlet, adding that she found it odd he talked to her “considering his age and [that] he’s married.”

“I wonder what his

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looks like… all young women? Very odd to me,” she concluded.

Russell joins four other women who have come forward with claims against the soon-to-be father of three.

It’s “true disrespect of women” to message them in a flirtatious way when they’re posting hyper-sexualized pictures of themselves basically in the nude.

I really hate women. I think they all deserve to be beaten up and gang-raped for these behaviors. They know exactly what they are doing. They have all of this power, and just like the Jews, they have the nerve to play the victim after baiting men.

This bitch could have told this celebrity messaging her that she wasn’t interested, and he would have stopped texting her. Everyone knows that. He did stop texting her, which is obviously why she is reporting him to the media as a disrespectful abuser.

Women exploit men with their sexuality, then when men respond, they act shocked. Men are apparently being told they’re not supposed to respond at all, because women, while being totally equal and exactly the same as men, are also very weak and pathetic and unable to defend themselves against a man sending them compliments on the internet.

They are especially vulnerable against a very old man in his 40s. Don’t you know that it is pure evil for a man in his 40s to not be exclusively interested in women who are also in their 40s? It’s basically like a pedophile for a man to be older than a woman.

It is sickening. These women are all on the take. They are begging men to take interest in them, then they claim that anyone who does (who they are not interested in) is a predator. This bitch was clearly looking for someone like Levine to take interest – Instagram is basically a prostitute advertisement website – but Levine stopped texting when she was shit-testing him, so she decided to try to destroy his life.

As far as the fact he is married – that is inappropriate. I have seen those blacks on Fresh&Fit justifying male infidelity. I basically like those blacks, but there is no justification for infidelity. It’s just dumb behavior – why does sex matter that much? What is even the point of this sex stuff, other than to validate the worth of women?

The answer is that validating the worth of women is the only purpose of the entire society, and it is women who have turned everything hypersexual, because when everything is hypersexual, they are the ones in control. If men had the power, they would sanction these sluts. In actual fact, we know exactly what a society controlled by men looks like:

It’s not a mystery.

Men understand that hypersexualization causes all kinds of social problems, including dumb and destructive competition between men.

There is a book about this, one of the only good novels ever written:

Along with the distraction and bad competition, hypersexualization leads to male infidelity. These sluts are all on-board with screwing each other over by sleeping with each other’s husbands. This bitch in question absolutely did not care about Levine’s wife any more than she cared about his age – he was exactly what she was looking for: a rich, famous man.

But he didn’t have the will to withstand her shit tests, and now he’s on her shit list – and she is using attacks on him to advertise herself in the media to any other rich and powerful man who might be interested.

Women are filled with an evil spirit of hypersexuality, because they have no other purpose. A woman only exists in reality in relation to men. This is in the Bible. Man was created first for the purpose of dominating the earth, and then woman was created to exist in relation to man. Everything a woman does, ever, is based on her position in relation to men.

Sluts – i.e., all white women – don’t think about the long-term strategy, which is this: after their beauty fades, their relationship to men exclusively involves their husband, their sons, and their grandsons. A grandma can wield an immense amount of power – possibly even more so than a slut on the internet, depending on the positions of her husband and progeny – but modern women skip that, because the power of sexual exploitation is too enthralling.

But we should note: women in history were the same as women now, they just didn’t have the option of going full internet slut, so they manipulated men in a different way. That said, the old model was actually sustainable, whereas this current social order of “sluts unleashed” is not sustainable and it’s going to destroy us all.

The only solution is a boycott of women. You can’t win this game – the odds are fully stacked against you.

Dropping out and refusing to engage, hoping things get better in the future, is the only logical course of action.

Of course, I would never tell a man to skip out on a woman if a viable option presents itself. My thing is just this: there aren’t any viable options, so it is an absolute waste of time, and a soul-draining nightmare, to try to engage the slut market. I would say: agree to drop out and don’t expect anything, and if a viable woman presents herself in your life, consider it a blessing.

That said: I also would not condemn any man who says that there is no such thing as a viable woman in this social order, and chooses to be an incel 4 life (or at least until things change – and they may well change soon).