Media Announces New Coronavirus Wave Coming to Europe, Warns of “Vaccine Fatigue”

We gotta do the ritual against the phantom menace, folks. It’s that time of the year again.


We’re doing this again, I guess.


A new Covid-19 wave appears to be brewing in Europe as cooler weather arrives, with public health experts warning that vaccine fatigue and confusion over types of shots available will likely limit booster uptake.

Omicron subvariants BA.4/5 that dominated this summer are still behind the majority of infections, but newer Omicron subvariants are gaining ground. Hundreds of new forms of Omicron are being tracked by scientists, World Health Organization (WHO) officials said this week.

WHO data released late on Wednesday showed that cases in the European Union reached 1.5 million last week, up 8% from the prior week, despite a dramatic fall in testing. Globally, case numbers continue to decline.

Hospitalization numbers across many countries in the 27-nation bloc, as well as Britain, have gone up in recent weeks.

In the week ending October 4, Covid-19 hospital admissions with symptoms jumped nearly 32% in Italy, while intensive care admissions rose about 21%, compared to the week before, according to data compiled by independent scientific foundation Gimbe.

Over the same week, Covid hospitalizations in Britain saw a 45% increase versus the week earlier.

Omicron-adapted vaccines have launched in Europe as of September, with two types of shots addressing the BA.1 as well as the BA.4/5 subvariants made available alongside existing first-generation vaccines. In Britain, only the BA.1-tailored shots have been given the green light.

European and British officials have endorsed the latest boosters only for a select groups of people, including the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Complicating matters further is the “choice” of vaccine as a booster, which will likely add to confusion, public health experts said.

But willingness to get yet another shot, which could be a fourth or fifth for some, is wearing thin.

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But yeah, all sorts of things are wearing thin. But the government can do whatever they want to people because we live in a democracy.

Are people going to rise up? It seems unlikely.

If people refuse to take the next round of shots, the government will just up the ante.

The media is also announcing the new coronavirus in California.

It was very obvious from the beginning that this virus hoax was never going to go away. It’s just common sense to bring it back now as the war is escalating outside of the Ukraine.