Media Reports on “Germans” Arrested for Gang-Rape in Spain, Forgets to Mention They’re Actually Turks

“Five Germans”

It’s offensive and so on to “accidentally forget to mention” that the “German rapists” were actually Turks.

But it’s also super funny to think of a gang of Germans going to Spain and gang-raping girls.

Germans would be a lot better off if they had that kind of vigor, and were plotting international gang-rapes.


Over the weekend, after the international media loudly trumpeted that five German men were arrested for raping an 18-year-old Spanish girl, it was quickly revealed that all of the men have a “migration background.” Although this fact was quickly revealed, the vast majority of news outlets referred to the men as “Germans” and most made no mention of the fact that the men had a migration background, with many outlets even referring to them as a “German pack.”

While Spanish news outlet Ultima Hora reported that the 21- to 23-year-old suspects were of Turkish origin, much of the Spanish press was fixated on the “German” aspect of the crime, which the men allegedly filmed on their smartphones. Even the German press was quick to claim the men were Germans with no context, with Welt, one of the most popular conservative papers in the country, running the headline “Five German vacationers on Mallorca have to be remanded in custody.” At no point in the piece does Welt mention the migration background of the suspects. The same story was told throughout the international press, with Associated Press, Deutsche Welle, and the Daily Mail making no mention of the men’s migration background.

Bild newspaper was perhaps the only major German newspaper to note that the men all had a migration background, but Bild is one of the rare publications in Germany that consistently publishes such information when it is made available by the police.

Why it mattersThe issue of migrant men, or those with a migration background, being portrayed simply as “Germans” when it comes to crime has been a theme over recent years, but we should expect this trend to continue and only get worse. The reason why is that the German government is quickly naturalizing hundreds of thousands of migrants, and as Remix News has reported in the past, once these foreigners obtain German citizenship, they are simply referred to as “Germans” in the crime statistics. Germany makes no distinction based on race or ethnicity in its own crime statistics and only divides the data between Germans and foreigners.

“Group of Germans”

That is why when the five German citizens with a migration background allegedly raped the young girl in Spain, the global media and the German domestic media could loudly trumpet that Germans had participated in a gang rape.

For anyone with even a modicum of knowledge about the situation in Germany, there is broad awareness of what is driving the country’s crime problem, and it is not the ethnic German population. If we look at the gang rape statistics in Germany alone, they reveal that a record number of gang rapes were committed in 2022 and half of the suspects in those cases were foreigners. What we don’t know is how many of the Germans in those cases had a “foreign background,” in other words, whether they had parents or grandparents who came from a foreign country. One hint is the fact that the overall number of gang rapes began to skyrocket in tandem with Germany’s growing immigration population starting in 2016.


It is what it is, I guess.

I’m really sick of talking about immigrants.

No one is going to do anything.

Everyone is afraid of being called a racist.

Maybe something will change, but at this point, whites are so pathetic that it is hard to even cheer for them.