Medvedev Mocks the West for Talking About “Instability” in Russia

From the Telegram Channel of Dmitry Medvedev, top Kremlin advisor and presumed successor to Putin:

In recent days I have been reading with interest the news from the capitals of the rotten Anglo-Saxon world. That they say, they are watching the events in our country and will be discussing them with some partners. Some figures even talked about cracks appearing in the facade of Russia.

They seem to have forgotten – these fucking observers, that not so long ago we were admiring the collapse of the entire US political machine and the takeover of the Capitol.

And now we are watching with interest to see who and how the long-suffering American people will choose – a shuffling old man with acute dementia or a youthful big-haired playboy with the mannerisms of a provincial dictator.

We also watch with no less interest the events in France, the pandemonium and the riots in the streets. And we will of course discuss them with our partners too. Especially in the context of many years of “successful” migration policy in once enlightened Europe. Who are these people, what are they for?

All in all, there is no one to stop looking at. And certainly no one to do business with. As the great Petersburg writer Nikolay Gogol said: “There is only one decent person there: the procurator; and he, if truth be told, is a pig”. However, if we recall another quote by Nikolai Vasilievich, it becomes quite sad: “I see nothing. I see some pig snouts instead of faces, and nothing else”.


Who are these people, indeed.

And indeed: what are they for?

It is pretty funny that these people attack Russia while their cities are burning down. Russia also, by the way, is not turning children gay, injecting them with hormones, or mutilating their sexual organs.

Also, I guess he’s talking about Gavin Newsom with the “big-haired playboy” comment. It couldn’t be anyone else. Russians have been saying he’s likely to replace Biden, presumably because they all read the Daily Stormer.

(He could also be talking about Trump, joking how much younger he seems in comparison to Biden. Maybe that makes more sense, actually. Also, the “provincial” part. Though I think Newsom smiles like a provincial dictator.)

Seriously – the Russians know everything that is happening, how would they know without reading this website?

He probably knows about Gogol because I’ve recommended him so much.

Medvedev is a great guy. I always really respected him for losing all that weight, but in the last few years – and particularly since the start of the special military operation – he’s been fantastic.

His name means “bear” by the way. Just in case anyone didn’t know that. It’s an interesting factoid.