Medvedev Says Civil War Could Erupt Over Texas Border Dispute

Medvedev regularly predicts impending civil war in America. It’s not really so much that he thinks that will actually happen as it is symbolic of the decline of American cohesion.

The Russians might also think these things that are happening in America would lead to a civil war, because they don’t understand that Americans are moronic cowards. In Russia, this would lead to a civil war.

The Texas thing is just a big scam. The barbed wire doesn’t even keep Mexicans out, and Joe Biden isn’t even going to actually remove it.

New York Post:

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday made an ominous warning that an “even more destructive” civil war may erupt in Texas due to the ongoing migrant crisis.

The ex-leader and ally of current Russian president Vladimir Putin warned of what might come as a result of America’s “total inability to cope with the migration crisis,” in a post to X on Friday.

“Its governor stopped giving even the slightest damn as to what the White House and its senile old man Biden think, and started to mend barbed wire fences,” Medvedev wrote referencing the ongoing feud between the Biden Administration and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over border security.

On Wednesday, Abbott proclaimed the Lone Star State’s right to self-defense “supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary” — just days after the US Supreme Court sided with Biden, allowing US Border Patrol agents to temporarily remove the razor wire laid across the US-Mexico border under Abbott’s orders.

This is yet another vivid example of the US hegemony getting weaker, a process that is happening from the inside, and is the result of the Americans’ own actions,” Medvedev continued.

“There are known cases in history when some states tried to break away from the Union and form the Confederacy. The end result was the bloody civil war which cost thousands upon thousands of lives. Either way, America can face an unsolvable constitutional crisis, and for long, fall into the abyss of a new, possibly even more destructive civil confrontation,” he added.

Why wouldn’t there be a civil war?

Well, firstly, there is no one in a leadership position to start one. The implication is that Greg Abbott could lead an uprising.

Do you know where Greg Abbott is right now? He’s in India, recruiting “legal” immigrants.

No joke. He’s at the center of this immigration drama, so to prove that he’s not a racist, he went to India to encourage Indians to come live in Texas – LEGALLY.

(He’s also claiming he’s on some kind of diplomatic mission. It’s a bit confusing. This “international governor” thing is a weird trend started by Ron DeSantis, when he said he was going to start smuggling weapons to Israel. Abbott also went to Israel, lol.)

In fact, Indians are much worse immigrants, as they actually compete with whites for jobs. Mexicans drive down the value of all wages, but don’t directly compete. (Of course, if there were no Mexicans, someone would have to do the jobs Mexicans are doing, which would mean they would have to pay whites a decent wage.)

But that’s only an argument if you believe the primary problem with immigration is an economic one. The actual problem is the effect it has on social cohesion. Everyone in the world understands this, and no one in the world wants to be force-integrated with other ethnic or racial groups. Speaking of India, they broke up their country in order to divide ethno-religious groups, and now the government of India is more or less at war with Moslems. Meanwhile, there are also Sikh separatists. But whites are stupid enough to believe that not wanting to be racially displaced is evil, so they are forced to make uninspired economic arguments against immigration.

Aside from there being no leader of a civil war, there is no one who would fight in it. Americans are fat retards who defer to women. No one is going to do anything.


However, I would say that Medvedev is literally correct when he says that this is showing the cracks in the American system. There is real sentiment here, it’s just that it cannot escalate to civil war, because there are no leaders or fighters.


Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.