Russia Finally Goes After the Anal Movement, Charging People with Crimes of Anus

This is what I’ve wanted for so long.

I’ve been waiting for it all my adult life.

Finally, Russia is dropping the hammer on the faggots, while the West goes full-anal, and the Pope is no longer the “Anal Pope” in title alone, but a literal Anal Pope.

Everyone knows who the good guys are, and everyone will choose sides accordingly.

The Guardian:

Two Russian courts have this week handed out the first convictions in connection with what the government calls the “international LGBT social movement” which was designated as extremist last year.

On Thursday, a court in the southern region of Volgograd found a man guilty of “displaying the symbols of an extremist organisation” after he posted a photograph of an LGBT flag online, according to the court’s press service.

The man, known only as Artyom P, who was ordered to pay a fine of 1,000 roubles (£8.69), admitted guilt and repented, saying he had posted the image “out of stupidity”, the court said.

On Monday, a court in Nizhny Novgorod, east of Moscow, sentenced a woman to five days in administrative detention for wearing frog-shaped earrings displaying an image of a rainbow, according to Aegis, an LGBT rights group.

The woman was called to the police station after a man filmed himself approaching her in a cafe and demanding she remove the earrings, and posted it online.

These people need to leave Russia.

They can go celebrate anal in the West.

Russia, Asia, and Africa are no anal zones.

The Pope even admitted that there is no anal in Africa, and said he’s not even going to try to force them to go anal.

See: Pope Francis Says African Opposition to LGBTQ Blessings is a “Special Case”Because It’s Their Culture

Some people are old-fashioned. Some people think the anus is for pooping and the penis goes into vagina only.

Russia is an old-fashioned country, like Africa. These people who want to do anal are not welcome in Russia.