Megatron to Hit Everyone in Freedom Convoy with Criminal Charges and Financial Sanctions

I don’t want to be boomerish – but imagine if Russia or China was doing what Canada is doing?

And before someone says “1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre” – dear child, you know nothing of China but what your neoconservative masters have told you.

The Tiananmen Square situation was a literal uprising and an attempt to overthrow the government, backed by foreign powers. We don’t know how many people died there, but we do know that it was supported by the majority of the Chinese population.

Also, there were ENDLESS negotiation attempts with the Tiananmen protesters. MONTHS of negotiations.

How many negotiations did Justin Trudeau do?

I hate to tell you this, but that is a rhetorical question – he said outright that neither he nor anyone from his government would meet with any single member of the protest because they are evil, and everyone just has to do what he says.

Anyway, I’m not even trying to shill the Tiananmen Square thing – I’m just telling you, it was not nearly as bad as what is happening in Canada right now, morally.

Megatron is much more brutal than the CCP military.

What the Canadian government is doing is removing all ability for everyone who participated in this protest to even exist. They are erasing their lives.

They have taken their bank accounts away, they are hunting them down and will throw them in prison. They are announcing that every single person who opposed them will have their lives destroyed.

Some people are asking why, if they’re going to be hunted down anyway, they should stop the protest.

That’s a good question.

I guess the answer is that they don’t want to get trampled by a horseman.

But come on.