Megatron Uses Stun Grenades and Pepper Spray Against Freedom Convoy, Tows Trucks

Well, the show in Canada seems to be wrapping up.

I do believe that if they had competent leadership – instead of shill leadership that sold them out – they could have held their ground without using violence. But they didn’t have any such leadership.

So the military – oh, sorry, I mean “militarized police” – are being used to clear them out, as would be the case in some fantastical evil dictatorship that the US complains about which doesn’t actually even exist.

Russia didn’t do this to protesters. Belarus didn’t do this to protesters. They did something comparable, I guess, but not anywhere near as extreme – and they didn’t freeze everyone’s bank accounts and threaten to put every participant in prison.

The only thing you can really compare this to in recent memory is when our great ally General Sisi of Egypt gunned down an entire square of protesters. But actually, even he didn’t hunt people down after the massacre and freeze their bank accounts.


Canadian police on Saturday used pepper spray and stun grenades, and made dozens of arrests as they cleared demonstrators from the street in front of parliament, where they have been camping for more than three weeks to protest against pandemic restrictions.

A total of 170 arrests have been made in two days, Ottawa’s interim police chief, Steve Bell, told reporters. Police by afternoon had dispersed the main portion of the blockade in front of parliament and the prime minister’s office.

After nightfall, police sent a message on Twitter to demonstrators saying: “Get out of the cold and cease further unlawful activity” or risk arrest.

City crews were now engaged in cleaning up and towing away remaining vehicles, Bell told a news conference. But other pockets around the city had yet to be cleared, and there was a risk that demonstrators might change location, he said.

“We are aware of protesters leaving the parliamentary precinct moving to surrounding neighborhoods. We are not going anywhere until you have your streets back,” Bell said, addressing Ottawa citizens.

 Using bullhorns, police warned the crowd to disperse or face arrest. For a second day, police also urged protesters to remove young children from the area.

“This is dangerous and is putting young children at risk,” Bell said.

Protest organizers for the so-called Freedom Convoy said they had asked trucks to withdraw because of what they called heavy-handed police tactics, and many trucks did exit the downtown core on Saturday. Fifty-three vehicles have been towed, police said.

Officers smashed vehicle windows to arrest people locked inside. Some of those arrested on Saturday wore body armor and had smoke grenades and other fireworks in their bags and vehicles, police said.

Police confirmed the use of stun grenades and pepper spray. Protesters threw smoke canisters, but no tear gas has been used, police said.

As part of the ongoing protests, several border blockades had been put in place in recent weeks, but all had reopened until Saturday, when demonstrators again closed the Pacific Coast Highway border crossing south of Vancouver.

Many of the main organizers in Ottawa have been taken into custody, and some have reportedly left. On Saturday, organizers said on Twitter they were “shocked at the abuses of power by the law enforcement in Ottawa” and so had “asked our truckers to move from Parliament Hill to avoid further brutality.”

The protest organizers said protesters had been “horse-trampled” on Friday, which police deny.

“We hear your concern for people on the ground after the horses dispersed a crowd. Anyone who fell got up and walked away. We’re unaware of any injuries,” police said on Twitter.


No injuries.

This is a totally peaceful and kind brutal military police crackdown on a peaceful protest.

The difference in democracy is that when someone runs over an old woman on a mobility scooter with a horse, she does not suffer any injuries.