Memetic Monday: It’s Good to be Back, My Dear Parasocial Friends

I’m back, friends!

Oh, and how I’ve missed you!

(I’m basically going to write an essay now. If you’re just here for memes, you can skip it.)

The donation drive went off without a hitch. Actually, the notes I was writing were increasingly apocalyptic even as it had almost passed the finish line, but it passed in the wee hours of the morning of the first day of the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand and Twenty-Four.

More or less. I’m gonna go ahead and upgrade some shit and hopefully get rid of some of the downtime. The best part of it is that towards the end I somehow realized that both CashApp and Venmo have Bitcoin now, and with the way I’m doing things, it can’t be blocked. This was really a good idea. It’s totally secure too. There is literally no way any donation can be linked to anyone with the way I’m doing it. Maybe I’ll explain the details later. I’m going to rewrite the donation guide to make room for this.

Anyway: thank you very, very much to all the parasocial friends who participated. You truly are real friends. Thanks also to everyone who didn’t participate, because you are also real friends, and I’m sure you were participating in spirit. Seriously, like more than half of emails were “I’ll just send you cash inside a magazine, send me your PO box.” That might annoy some men, but to me it was good to know that so many people want to participate and just can’t figure out Bitcoin. (The CashApp/Venmo option might solve this.)

I just love the feeling that we are all together and very good friends, and the donation drive – despite doom-mongering on the donation landing page – gave me very good vibes.

Of course, it was otherwise the worst week of my life. I hate not working. It’s horrible. This whole “vacation” bullshit is just nonsense. At least for me. That’s not advice. If you can enjoy a vacation, you should. But I just worked on other things. I also started replying to emails, which I haven’t done in years. Enjoyed talking to some of you!

By the way, as per the talking: the Gamer Uprising forum is… officially in beta mode! That’s right, dear friends: it’s back and you can go there right now!! Sign-up for new people is currently closed. The old accounts work. But we’re working on a system to prevent AI sign-ups.

Anyway, friends, great donation drive, great Christmas spirit, great joyful friendship on the internet in a very healthy and normal parasocial manner.

By the way, not one but two people sent me emails mentioning the idea that I should “be more vulnerable” to make myself more human so that people would feel more connected to me.

I’m literally the guy who has written at least a dozen articles about how semen retention causes me to get erections at the gym.

I’ve also been open about substance abuse, whore-mongering, viciousness, belligerence, anti-social behavior, brutality, barbarousness, pitilessness, the inability to spend more than two hours at a time around another person, struggles with developing an understanding of Jesus and following the rules, and so on.

If the world was more fair, I would literally do IRL livestreams of myself drinking alone in my room talking to myself and then going out and having bizarre conversations with strangers. More than anything else, I wish I could do streams of me harassing women in public.

This writing couldn’t get any more personal. I’m not certain I know what the word “vulnerable” means in this context, but two separate people said it, so it apparently has an agreed-upon meaning. I understand that there is a lot of dark humor and irony and so on, but… if you knew me in real life, you would understand that my writing is my personality.

Probably, these people were women. Seriously, who says “be more vulnerable,” other than a woman? A man might say “make yourself more relatable,” but I don’t even think a man would say that. I am the most relatable of all.

The week was highs and lows. I went outside some, but it’s very chilly in Nigeria (I live in a mountain complex). Then I tried filling the day with movies/novels/vidya. Vacationing did not work. So I started just writing random shit to people who asked for confirmations on their donations. I also caught up on a lot of other shit I need to do to make money to live. You know, the “I’ll just spend whatever extra money from donations” thing has always been uncomfortable, so I always just set a modest salary for myself, and at some point however many years ago, I said “this is sort of ridiculous and untenable to try to be going into middle age on this kind of income,” so I started doing other stuff. During the Illness Revelations (most of which remain unpublished, by the way – I’ll figure that out), I was not doing any other work, so it was good to catch up.

This new year is off to a wondrous start. The world feels full of wonder. I think this will be the pivot year. “Jews can just slaughter thousands of children in Palestine forever because of something that allegedly happened in Germany nearly a century ago” is Peak Jew. This is the point at which people start saying “okay, well, this Jew thing has definitely gotten out of hand.” I’m not joking when I say: I’m virtually certain that within ten years, my rights will be restored, and I will be vindicated globally as “the guy who called it.”

But yeah, big thanks to everyone. Great times.

Onto the may-mays…

Here is the Editor’s Pick of the Week:

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And… we need to discuss this:

That might be relevant to you, and if so, you need to do some very serious personal work. Probably, that meme deserves its own article. (Also, the Elon Musk-John Gage-Fire Extinguisher-DemonSlayer saga needs an article. I told you people he was gonna get banned. The fact that Elon is too high to read the first paragraph of the Miller Test Wiki or that he bans anyone who criticizes Jews with enough followers after the Israel trip shouldn’t surprise anyone who follows my doom-mongering, which is unfortunately always correct.)

And now… the primo collection. (Which also has a lot of late Christmas memes. But hey, you know – we’re celebrating Orthodox Christmas here too now. We’re doing double Christmas.)

Note: Yes, someone paid me $500 to bring in Leo Fong to write the article about the success of the donation drive.