Memetic Monday: They Saw Me Rolling. You’ll Never Believe Their Response.

I’m psychologically broken and emotionally desolated by a crippling sense of existential dread, but happy with today’s meme collection.

You know how it goes sometimes.

Nah, I’m doing great. Just had a really hard time with the whole daylight savings thing. Thought I had gone insane.

I’m fine now though, and really excited to share these memes with you, my dear parasocial friend.

Here’s my Editor’s Pick of the Week:

And the Runner-Up:

The primo collection follows. Please enjoy the load time (very few of you people will pay me, despite the fact I made all you niggas that would listen to my shilling Bitcoin rich and saved your life by manically fear-mongering the vax. What do you want?)

(Every single Jack Posobiec-style Twitter account who shilled that Argentinian goblin as some right-wing hero deserves to be treated like Jews treat Palestinians.)