Miami Goes Full Bitcoin as America Prepares to Go Full Miami

The same conserva-boomers who say that the coronavirus is real and there is no conspiracy and that everything that happened over the last two years was a result of government incompetence have also stated matter-of-factly that Bitcoin is not real and will fail because “this just isn’t how the world works, son.”

Sometimes I try to imagine what it is like to be inside of the brain of a baby boomer and it makes me sick.

Business Insider:

Miami will advance a plan to pay city workers in bitcoin, Mayor Francis Suarez told Bloomberg on Tuesday, expanding on his push to make the Florida city a major hub for digital assets.

“We’re going for a request for proposal in October to allow our employees to get paid in bitcoin, to allow our residents to pay for fees in bitcoin and even taxes potentially in bitcoin if the county allows it,” Suarez said in an interview with the business channel.

A formal solicitation would come after the city commissioners in February backed his resolution to direct the city manager to procure a vendor to offer employees the ability to receive a percentage of their salary in bitcoin.

For those not following it, Bitcoin is now testing its all time high, and it’s possible we could be looking at some kind of breakout event.

Or, maybe it will go back to $30,000.

Who knows?

It doesn’t really matter, actually. What matters is that the project is viable long-term, and there is no way out of that anymore. There is no way that the government could successfully ban it at this point, and what’s more, they clearly do not want to, as the wealthy themselves want to ensure they maintain some system for storing value when the dollar finally collapses.

The first ETF has already been approved.

The plan is to replace the dollar with some kind of goy token, where you are given a “universal basic income” every month on an app on your phone. This will not be a real crypto currency, and it will not be something that is capable of storing value or being used for serious transactions of the kind the rich engage in.

When a boomer says “but the government could ban Bitcoin,” the obvious answer is “yeah, and the government can raid your house at 5AM, blindfold you, throw you in the back of a van, and haul you off to a secret prison.” But of course, the latter is impossible for the boomer to grasp, because he believes the Constitution will save him.

Saying “don’t believe in Bitcoin because the government could make something bad happen to it” is like saying “don’t breathe because the government is going to come kill you.” I guess the more obvious comparison is “don’t invest in property because a Marxist government can simply seize your property.” Actually, the government seizing your property is at least as likely, if not more likely, than them banning Bitcoin at this point.

Governments have also consistently, throughout history, passed edicts to seize people’s gold.

Then it’s like “okay, so what do I do boomer? Just hold the dollars then, as they lose 10% of their value annually and as we approach a hyperinflation event where they will be literally worthless? While it is also possible for the government to simply seize my bank account, without explanation?”

Ask one of these boomer no-coiners that – you will then find yourself staring into the abyss of their confusion.

The government might or might not do anything.

I witnessed the smugness of the eternal no-coiners when Bitcoin was down after the attacks by Elon Musk. I witnessed the guffawing and gloating of these drooling idiots. However, I’m not looking to reverse-gloat here, because I’m the number one person that will tell you it might go back to something much lower tomorrow. There is obviously very extreme volatility in the coin market. The point is that in the long run, Bitcoin is as inevitable as the collapse of the dollar. Unlike Bitcoin, the US dollar is imaginary fake money. Eventually, Bitcoin is going to be worth infinity dollars, because the dollar is eventually going to be worthless.

Even Tucker Carlson is talking about the inflation issue now.

Hyperinflation is the only possible outcome of the current financial policy of the US government. There are zero other possible outcomes. And it cannot be reversed. So the only question is “how long?”

We don’t cover the Bitcoin issue a lot here, because this is not a financial advice website.

But we have said from the beginning: first we take Miami – then we take Austin.

Also, the Hoax Watch Monero donation guide has a lot of general information about the basics of crypto. We do not take donations in Bitcoin anymore, because of privacy issues. But the guide talks about acquiring Bitcoin, given that you basically have to acquire Bitcoin before you acquire the Monero that we accept.