Michael Brown, Bully

Steve Sailer
August 17, 2014

Michael Brown bullying clerk trying to stop him from stealing cigars

For five or ten years, the news media have been obsessed with “bullies.” But for some reason a search of Google News doesn’t find much evidence of anyone calling the 6’4″ 292 pound Michael Brown a bully.

What are the odds that Brown was drunk?

Update: Commenter Bob notes:

Those security cam pictures are amazing. They destroy the narrative that the media has been pushing more thoroughly than any number of words could do. After just a glance at the pics, it’s just impossible to continue to claim that Brown was some harmless kid minding his own business before he was shot.

Right. This doesn’t mean that cops don’t need better training and an attitude adjustment, but the pictures say a huge amount about how delusional the Media Narrative is in 2014 America, and how right Rep. Mo Brooks is about the media’s metaphorical “war on whites.”

Here we’ve been hearing all these days about the innocent child, and instead we see an NFL-sized galoot throwing his weight around in a truly hostile and stupid manner. Does he not know that convenience stores in 2014 all have security cameras and that somebody as gigantic as himself couldn’t get away with his crime by claiming it was really somebody else on the video?

Perhaps the cop he ran into a few minutes later was equally hostile and stupid.

But looking at these pictures I have to feel sorry for the cop and the situation he was headed into.

And I roll my eyes once again that America’s best and brightest mediaocrities have been suckered once again by a Wolfean P of S story.