Michigan: Brave 8-Year-Old Boy Saves 6-Year-Old Sister from Crazed Pit Bull

Nicholas Chitwood.

Why don’t they genocide these dogs?

What sort of insane thing is it that dogs that were literally bred to fight bulls in a pit are being sold as pets, and that they’re allowed around children?

Anyway, aside from the pit bull thing, this is an inspiring story of the way boys can develop superhero type powers when someone they love is in danger.

New York Post:

An 8-year-old Michigan boy saved his 6-year-old sister from a vicious dog attack that could have been fatal, according to her family.

Nicholas and Lillian were in their grandparents’ backyard in Saginaw when the dog next door, a pit bull, allegedly got through the neighbor’s fence “and made it into the backyard” where the two children were playing, Rebecca Chitwood, the children’s mother, told Fox News Digital.

“They did not know the dog,” Chitwood said, adding that the dog “had a history of escaping its property.”

The dog then attacked Lillian, biting the 6-year-old girl on her face and neck.

She has several bites on her neck that were 3 cm. from severing the artery in her neck,” Chitwood said. “She also had her left eyelid repaired. Several sutures. And she has extensive nerve damage in her face.”

Lillian Chitwood.

Nicholas stepped in to protect his little sister when he heard her scream.

He jumped on the dog and pulled it off her and continued to kick it until her grandpa came to help,” Chitwood said of her son. “He was just trying to save his sister. He heard her let out a scream and … he jumped into action.”

Yeah, and the dog totally would have eaten her if he hadn’t intervened.

This kid deserves a presidential medal of some kind.

But he won’t get one because he’s white and not gay.