West Virginia: White Couple Arrested for Owning Black Slaves and Keeping Them in a Barn

Adopting black kids to use as slaves?



New York Post:

A wealthy white West Virginia couple forced their adopted black children to work as slaves and sleep in a barn, according to disturbing charges.

I’m not disturbed by that and don’t appreciate the editorializing, Post.

Donald Ray Lantz, 63, and Jeanne Kay Whitefeather, 62, pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen new charges on Tuesday after two teens were found locked in a crumbling shed in ratty clothing, MetroNews reported.

Lantz and Whitefeather were first arrested in October after a wellness check led to the discovery of the couple’s five adopted children — aged 6, 9, 11, 14 and 16 — living in deplorable conditions on their Sissonville property.

Were they really deplorable?

Because I’ve studied this whole slavery thing, and found “slave abuse” to be a hoax. It’s also illogical to abuse your own property.

Like you think a Roomba is kinda like a robot slave, sort of, right?

If you found someone beating and otherwise abusing their Roomba, you would think that person was insane.

So I would really need evidence that this barn that these slaves were kept in was “deplorable” and not just a normal slave barn.

Sure as hell looks like a normal-ass slave barn to me.

The indictment, which Kanawha County Circuit Judge Maryclaire Akers said was one of the worst she’s ever seen, alleges that the adopted children were forced to work on the couple’s farmland because of their race.

“It alleges human trafficking, human rights violations, the use of forced labor,” Akers told the court.

“Human rights violations specific to the fact that these children were targeted because of their race and they were used basically as slaves from what the indictment alleges.”

It sounds like they were literally used as slaves.

Apparently that’s illegal now too, like everything else.

The couple faces numerous charges, including human trafficking of a minor child, use of a minor child in forced labor and child neglect creating substantial risk of serious bodily injury or death.

Whitefeather and Lantz were arrested after a child welfare call by a neighbor claimed two teenagers were being locked in a shed at the couple’s Sissonville home, according to a court filing, WCHS reported.

“Neighbors also reported that the children were forced to perform farm labor and were not permitted inside the residence,” the filing stated.

Police found a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old girl locked in the shed. Inside was a small RV porta-potty but no lights or running water. One of the teens told police they had been locked in the barn for 12 hours when they were last fed.

The two said the couple forced them to sleep on the concrete floor without any mattresses. They both wore dirty clothes and smelled like body odor, police noted, according to the filing.

Oh, the blacks were wearing dirty clothes and stank?

Must be white people’s fault.

Sure, sure – that makes sense.

At this point, you’d think we could all just agree that abolishing slavery was a mistake. All of the results have been negative.

Like seriously, what positive outcome has resulted from the freeing of the slaves?

Name one thing.

Thomas Sowell?

Not an argument.

He could have written those books in his slave shed in-between shifts on the farm.

Under slavery, blacks were producing members of society. They also had healthy, Christian families. If the problem was that they were abused (there’s no evidence of that), then just bring back slavery but make it illegal to abuse them. That seems like a fair compromise with the libs.