Mihaloliakos Sent to Prison Ahead of Trial

After a six hour hearing today, the Leader of the Golden Dawn, Nichos Mihaloliakos, was sent to prison pending trial on charges of “forming and heading a criminal organization.”

Though I surely sympathize with the Leader, being forced into some cage filled with sickening immigrants for the next however long, the decision to lock-up Nichos Mihaloliakos is as big a win for the Golden Dawn as yesterday’s release of MPs Kasidiaris, Panagiotaros and Michos. There is no evidence to convict the Leader of anything, and thus by continuing to illegally detain him, the corrupt Greek government and the Jews behind it are simply digging themselves further into a hole they are going to be incapable of climbing out of.

It would have been problematic if Kasidiaris and Panagiotaros were forced to remain in custody, as the party would have been slightly headless without any of its key leadership to direct it. However, releasing these men to direct the organization, while furthering the martyr status of the party’s Leader, is an ideal scenario.

Mihaloliakos remained unbowed as he was dragged out of the court room by the masked thugs of the ZOG army, screaming “victory!” to the supporters who stood outside in the rain cheering him and chanting “Blood. Honor. Golden Dawn.” Among the supporters was his wife, Eleni Zaroulia, who told him “You are a diamond – don’t buckle.”

And buckle he shall not. The Leader shall emerge from this ordeal ever the stronger, poised to take his rightful place as Supreme Leader of the Greek State.

The Media has Hung Itself

  "Journalists are not producing (all this news) from their imaginations, they receive their information from the police and the National Intelligence Service!" -Tatiana Stefanidou, Greek television personality
“Journalists are not producing (all this news) from their imaginations, they receive their information from the police and the National Intelligence Service!” -Tatiana Stefanidou, Greek television personality

In it’s fervent, disorganized attempt to defame the party, the yellow media has proven, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they have absolutely nothing on the party. If they had something, they would have presented it by now.

When questioned about where they were getting the outrageous lies about the party, one television presenter admitted that they were being fed this gibberish by the Greek intelligence services.

They have reviewed recorded phone calls by party members, and despite their attempts to claim otherwise, nothing of any substance whatsoever has emerged from these illegally gathered bits of intelligence – not a single word about organizing assaults or murders, nothing to indicate that the political party is anything other than a political party.

In their eagerness to find anything at all to attack the party on, the disgusting media has even gone so far as to claim that Lagos exchanged text messages with an underage girl, which they apparently expect us to believe is indicative of a criminal conspiracy to do… whatever criminal goals they are suggesting the Golden Dawn is trying to achieve (this hasn’t been made clear as of yet, we have simply been told that they are very bad men with a very bad plan to do something very bad).

They have now rolled out Nuremberg-style “eyewitness testimony,” with faceless individuals claiming to have witnessed the Golden Dawn take part in all manner is cartoonish criminality – this particular dirty trick will no doubt play a central role in the political trial of Mihaloliakos; I wouldn’t be surprised if he is accused of making lampshades from Pakistani skin, but with this much attention, there is no way they are going to be able to convict him of anything – yesterday’s release of the MPs demonstrated the feebleness of the supposed ‘case.’

Here is an example of this ‘eyewitness’ tactic in English, from the BBC.

The already discredited Jewish-run media has, with this ridiculous defamation campaign, failed the Greek people in a most flagrant manner, and this is now clear to the people, and will not soon be forgotten. The Golden Dawn marches forward, with the support of the Greek people, without need for affirmation by the establishment’s media arm.