Millennial Women are Refusing to Have Kids

I’ll nail you, you trollop

Millennials are now approaching middle age, and they are the single most worthless generation in all of human history.

This is what the boomers have wrought.

Boomers were peasants who came into extreme wealth due to the way history flows towards the United States. Because they were genetic peasants, they had no idea how to deal with wealth, and they just became utterly self-absorbed psychos.

Most of them got divorced, permanently crippling any ability their children would have to develop normal family relations. The ones who stayed married had weird, alienating relationships that most of their kids didn’t want to copy.

Basically, if you grow up with parents, you base your entire perception of what relationships are on them. (Unless of course something changes drastically, such as a situation that makes you an order of magnitude materially better off than your parents, which is what happened to the boomers, which is why they broke the line of normal sex relations.)

Millennials grew up in a situation where, for the first time, parents cared more about themselves and their “happiness” than their children’s wellbeing. Even pushing 40 and obese, millennials are still just broken little kids. So of course they’re not having kids.

New York Post:

The number of births in the US has continued to decline — repeating a decades-long trend — as nearly half of American women under 45 are childless, according to a new study.

About 52% of women between the ages of 15 to 44 gave birth between 2015 to 2019 — a drop from nearly 55% in the prior four-year period, according to the study published by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics Tuesday.

The number of biological fathers in the same age range also dipped. From 2015 to 2019, about 40% of men had fathered a child — compared to about 44% during 2011 to 2015.

The number of babies each woman is birthing decreased as well and more and more women are putting off childbearing to later in life.

On average, US women had only 1.3 children in 2019 — the latest year of data included in the report. For men, that number was just 0.9 kids.

The study’s authors credit several reasons for the trends, including women obtaining higher levels of education as well as greater and longer career paths. The authors cited changing family values, financial concerns, improved access to contraception and relationship instability as additional reasons.

The number of women who have their first child at age 35 or older increased in 2019 — continuing earlier trends. Between 1972 and 2021, the number rose nine-fold, according to the report.

It’s really pointless to blame boomers. It’s funny to talk about, but it’s not something a mature person could get mad about. They all did the exact same thing – lived like children, never really taking on adult responsibilities, and therefore being unable to actually care for their own children. But the fact that they all did the same thing means that they can’t all be personally responsible. Maybe they are responsible in the moral, Christian sense, but not in a practical sociological sense.

The average boomer peasant in America had more material wealth and comfort than European monarchs had had a couple centuries earlier. It’s understandable that it felt to them like life was just a big silly party, and that they then developed an ideology that said they had a “right to be happy” (something that does not exist in any religion, but was pushed by several religions the boomers created, including the new age, atheism, and evangelical Christianity, all of which actively promoted feminism and divorce).

This would have happened to any generation of peasants who happened to come into massive wealth. Their parents were really the ones who first acquired the wealth, but that World War II generation had grown up poor, and didn’t have the background on how to raise children alongside wealth.

Boomers didn’t have the background on how to live with wealth and they did exactly what you would expect peasants with a bunch of money to do. Instead of developing a taste for fine things, they were just vulgar. The most obvious example of the boomer mind is the McMansion.

People from old money do not live in mansions. When the real mansion was a thing, it was a time before electronic communications and fast travel. Entire delegations would go on trips to different cities for months or years. Therefore, the rich had very big houses where they could host guests. The reality is that there is only so much living space a person can use, and if you have too much space, it actually decreases comfort.

But instead of going for finer things, the boomers said “I can build a really BIG house! It’ll be as big as a BARN!” The houses were mostly made of plastic, all of the walls were white, and they hung offensive abstract modern art on the very white walls.

This kind of infantile idiocy represents the entire boomer paradigm, and it extended fully to the way they made decisions about family. Feminism was embraced under the slogan “if it feels good, do it.” This was the creed of the boomer. Of course their relationships failed universally. I’ve never heard of a “successful boomer couple.” In the very best of cases, the boomer male submitted completely to the boomer female to avoid the hassle. In any boomer relationship that did not end in divorce, the woman had total power over the man. There might be some exception that someone knows of from their personal life, but I’ve never heard of it.

Basically, in the 1960s, men – probably understandably – thought that “free love” would lead to unlimited sex, so they encouraged these women to go totally off the reservation. It was then impossible to put that genie back in the bottle. The entire society became monomaniacally fixated on expanding female power.

Of course, we can talk about “millennials,” but what we’re really talking about is women, because it’s women’s choice whether to have children. Women can convince men to have children or they can just stop taking birth control and tell the man to ejaculate inside of them.

Millennial men didn’t go out of their way to have children, but it probably wouldn’t have mattered if they had. Millennial women are about six million times worse than their mothers when it comes to just totally unhinged hysteria. A woman’s life only has order equivalent to the amount of male authority in their lives. Boomer men never developed authority (that train left the station during Pussy Quest 1969), but boomer females still had the influence of their fathers.

Millennials didn’t ever even know the concept of male authority, so the women are wrecking balls that destroy everything around them. There is an ideology built up around this, but as with all ideologies, it’s just an explanation for something that is already happening due to material factors.

Women’s sole purpose is to breed. Obviously, if women are turned into an absolute mess, they are going to stop performing their primary function.