Mind Criminal: Australia Detains Djokovic Again, Now Because of His Views Against the Vax


We told you there was no way they were going to let Djoker go clean. That was obvious.

The fact that they’re now imprisoning him as a dangerous extremist is actually hilarious.

He’s a mind criminal!

You might feel bad for him, but he’s going to go down in history for resisting this agenda a lot more than he ever could have gone down in history as a sports champion.


Australian immigration authorities have detained Novak Djokovic, arguing that although the Serbian’s medical exemption from the Covid-19 vaccination was valid, his views are too dangerous to let him stay.

Djokovic was detained at an address in Melbourne early Saturday morning, in line with a court order from the day prior, that saw Immigration Minister Alex Hawke cancelling the 9-time Australian Open champion visa.

Hawke cited Djokovic’s “high-profile status and position as a role model” while arguing that his “ongoing presence in Australia may foster… disregard for the precautionary requirements following receipt of a positive Covid-19 test” as he defended his decision to cancel the player’s visa.

I consider that Mr Djokovic’s ongoing presence in Australia may lead to an increase in anti-vaccination sentiment generated in the Australian community, potentially leading to an increase in civil unrest of the kind previously experienced in Australia with rallies and protests which may themselves be a source of community transmission,” Hawke added.

Yeah, Australia really just says it straight.

They’re just saying outright that they arrest mind criminals because one mind criminal could create more mind criminals, and this threatens the government agenda.

I don’t believe that even morons still believe this is about public health.

It’s a mind war.