Minnesota: Entire Small Town Police Department Resigns

This is what every single cop in America would have done in the Summer of Floyd if they had any shred of human dignity.

Let mayhem loose.

Tell the feds to deal with it.

Western Journal:

In the state where the “Defund the Police” movement was born after the 2020 death of George Floyd, one community may actually see its police department vanish after all department members resigned.

The members of the Goodhue City Police Department in Minnesota cited “lack of pay” and recruitment issues, according to lawofficer.com.

The city’s website shows the department has a chief and two full-time officers.

Police Chief Josh Smith resigned Wednesday, with the other members resigning Friday the report said. The city called a special counsel meeting for Monday to address the resignations, with a meeting notice citing “Chief Smith, Officer Brecht and part-time officers resignations,” “pay increase” and “current status of the current police department” as discussion items.

According to KIMT-TV, citing Robert J.V. Vose, Goodhue County City Attorney, Chief Josh Smith discussed pay with the city council last week and resigned after the council said it could keep talking about the issue this week.

The city does not believe this is a negotiation tactic, Vose said. The city may contract with the county sheriff for law enforcement.

“The option the city has that’s obviously available to it I think is that the city contract with the Goodhue County Sheriff’s office to provide local police services,” Vose said.

The Post Bulletin reported that Goodhue Mayor Ellen Anderson Buck said Chief Smith “has accepted a position with the Lake City Police Department.”

“I have been in contact with the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Department and will be bringing information before the council on Monday evening. I want to reassure the residents of Goodhue we will have law enforcement coverage in the interim,” she said.

Police are battling against multiple factors, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard of Michigan said, according to CandGNews.

“The perception of police on the national stage also has been horrible. Any officer who has acted inappropriately should, obviously, be held accountable, but this is a small number of officers, but that impression has washed over all officers. People are asking why they would want to go into a field where they would have to deal with this perception,” Bouchard said.

“I see it similar to the Vietnam vets, who came home after serving and were demonized. I have seen businesses and restaurants that refuse to serve cops. … I want people to know that the person who hates a bad cop the most is a good cop,” he said.

They just hate all cops, bro.

Except the FBI, which are a bunch of angels who exist only to fight the evil of White Heterosexual Christendom.

After the whole coronavirus thing, I honestly don’t think much of cops myself.

Frankly, America was never intended to have police, beyond the local sheriff (really, a sheriff is a different thing than “police,” as the sheriff is elected and has less authority).

Minnesota is slowly turning into a utopia