Mission Accomplished? Virginia to Implement Red Flags Despite Gun Rally

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 23, 2020

Remember that rally that a bunch of Boomers had in Richmond?

It was, apparently, about preventing gun confiscations, but mostly people thought it was an anti-blackface rally.

But I have been told that it was about gun control. The only problem is that the Virginia state Senate didn’t get the message or something. Apparently, they thought that the Boomers at the rally were demanding more gun control and they decided to oblige them – new red flag laws are now being proposed.


The day after a massive gathering of gun-rights activists at the Virginia Capitol, the state Senate on Tuesday advanced legislation that would allow authorities to take guns away from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

The bill had been passed by in previous Senate sessions, including the day when the Senate passed three other gun bills, including universal background checks, a ‘one handgun a month’ law, and granting local governments the authority to ban weapons during permitted events in public spaces.

But on Tuesday, it went through several fights, with amendments proposed by Republicans ruled out of order and readings of substitutes waived.

Republicans blasted the bill as an assault on gun rights and civil liberties. Democrats said the bill was a thoughtful measure that would preserve due process while also protecting people against potential gun violence.

The measure is set for a final vote in the Senate, likely Wednesday, before going to the House.

The bill is one of several gun-control measures the new Democratic majority at the General Assembly is set to pass this year. 

Nationwide red flag laws are going to become a thing. Blackface rallies aside, there doesn’t seem to be a concerted effort from the conservatives to stop them. This is because these people do not seem to understand the process that is at work here.

But the process really is the simplest thing in the whole world to understand.


  • Jews bring in foreigners
  • Foreigners vote in Democrats
  • Democrats pass gun control laws

To stop these red flag laws, you need to stop the Jews from bringing in foreigners. Failing that, you can get rid of Democracy once you’re a minority so that they can’t be passing gun control laws. Failing that, you have a blackface rally and then hand your guns in anyway once the Dems pass the laws.

Them’s the rules.

Holding a giant LARP rally accomplishes nothing.