Moderna Boosters Every 5 Months, FDA Says

They might as well just announce daily shots at this point.


The Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized adults 18 and older who are vaccinated with Moderna to get a booster shot five months after their second dose, shortening the waiting period by a month.

Earlier this week, the FDA authorized everyone 12 and older who received the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine to get a booster at least five months after their second dose, also down from six months.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention originally recommended Moderna boosters for adults in October. The CDC lowered eligibility for Pfizer boosters to those 12 and older on Wednesday.

Moderna and Pfizer are the most commonly administered vaccines in the U.S.

The shortened waiting period for boosters comes as data shows that two doses do not provide strong protection against symptomatic infection from omicron, the dominant variant in the U.S., though they do still offer good protection against severe illness.

The vaccinated are required to get their boosters because the unvaccinated created the Omicron thing! So unfair!

It all makes sense.

Don’t worry.