Mommy-in-Chief Ann Coulter Ventures Into Antifa HQ at UC Berkeley!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2019

Ann Coulter may be the first person banned from entering the state of California at the rate things are going.

SF Gate:

Barricades were erected in front of Wheeler Hall, and police in riot gear guarded the main entrances to the building all evening. Beyond the barricades, hundreds of protestors gathered throughout the night, their ranks swelling by Coulter’s scheduled 9 p.m. start time. The words “Berkeley stands united against hate” were projected up onto Wheeler, as well as, “Why do the Berkeley College Republicans keep inviting Nazis on campus?”

The footage is nuts.

Scenes like this really highlight how bad the Antifa situation has become on the ground under Donald Trump’s watchful, monitoring gaze.

At least the police didn’t turn around and start beating the attendees as I half-expected they might.

The right-wing pundit was hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans for a talk called “Adios, America!” The event description said Coulter would be “speaking about the current United States immigration system and the dangers of mass immigration.”

Doors technically opened for ticket-holders at 8 p.m., but attendees struggled to get inside with so many demonstrators outside the hall. Some of those protestors chanted, “Don’t let them in.” One attendee could be seen jumping the barricade, while another group was escorted by police into Wheeler Hall. Several were seen leaving after attempts to get in were thwarted by large crowds.

The POCs were out of control. Unable to get to Ann, they decided to attack the people that showed up to hear her speak.

Daily reminder: POCs are very low-level demons or rather, vessels for demonic possession because of their lack of impulse control and less-formed egos. They have no place in civilized society, let alone on college campuses.

And don’t even get me started on Antifa:

I must say, Ann Coulter has been uncharacteristically quiet on the whole Groyper War. She and Tucker Carlson have been sitting on the sidelines and could have easily started circling the wagons around Michelle Malkin at the very least, if not around Nick Fuentes himself as he’s getting yelled at by everybody.

So I have been very let down by Ann, who has always been my favorite mommy, and clearly the Mommy-in-Chief of the Right.

We don’t need our mommies out there fighting Antifa with their fists – we need them supporting our lads and baking them 6 million cookies when they get home.