Monstrous Jewess Wants All White Nations to Drown in Guilt Like Germany

Daily Stormer
September 18, 2019

Monstrous Jewess Susan Neiman, who calls herself a “moral philosopher,” has just published a new book called “Learning from the Germans – Race and the Memory of Evil.” It has won plaudits in the New York Times from another monstrous Jewess, Deborah Lipstadt.

Her argument is that all white nations should drown themselves in a culture of enforced guilt, as the Germans were made to do after WW2.

She wants to tear down the monuments. But not all of them. She’ll leave us a few.

“I’m not arguing that every statue needs to be knocked down, some of them do.”

Having begun my life as a white girl in a South racked by the civil-rights movement, I am likely to end it as a Jewish woman in Berlin. I have spent much of the intervening years watching Germany come to terms with its history. If the 2017 white-supremacist demonstrations in Charlottesville established anything beyond doubt, it’s that Nazis are not only a German problem. Not everyone seeking to preserve symbols of the Confederacy is a Nazi. But the Nazis’ embrace of the Confederate cause makes plain: Anyone who fights for those symbols is fighting for Nazi values. For monuments are neither just about heritage or just about hate. They are values made visible. That’s why we build memorials to some parts of history and ignore others.

In her book she writes “The question of whether Jews should count as white people was not quite settled in the south where I grew up.” But in her Atlantic article, the matter seems settled now. She has adopted the mantle of whiteness to better instill guilt into her “fellow whites.”

The struggle itself is good news. We have learned that unexamined pasts fester, and become open wounds. Like most white Americans, I was taught a history that was both comforting and triumphant. I wasn’t, of course, entirely ignorant of the ways in which the country failed to live up to the ideals on which it was founded, but those failures remained peripheral, and part of a narrative that sloped upward toward progress. Slavery was a crime, but we’d fought a war to outlaw it; segregation was unjust, but the civil-rights movement had overcome it. Barack Obama’s presidency seemed the natural coda to this hopeful story. Few people believed that the election of an African American president could end racism entirely, but no one expected the backlash we are witnessing now. If there’s a silver lining to a White House that—in its public statements, policy choices, and political strategy—regularly signals its support for white nationalism, it’s that white Americans have been forced to publicly examine their country’s history as never before.

She believes Whitey needs to pay up to the Negro.

Neiman believes that people who live in a society built on injustice, even though they may not have created the injustice, are responsible for correcting it. The moral precedent for American reparations to its black citizens is rooted in Germany’s post-World War II compensation for its past crimes. If one believes German reparations were justified, how can one oppose them in America?

But if bathing in guilt is so good for the soul, when are the Jews going to do it? When will these would-be physicians to humanity venture to try their own remedies? When will there be a moral accounting for Communism [Neiman’s book includes some apologetics for East Germany] and for the millennial (and ongoing) collaboration with Islam in its assault on Christendom? When will emendations be made to the barbaric ethics of the Talmud and its chilling contempt for non-Jews?

The world waits patiently for Jews to experience the moral growth that comes from the acknowledgement of wrong-doing. Till then, anti-Semitism will continue to exist as a defensive reaction to Semitism. The Susan Neimans of this world make the Daily Stormers of this world inevitable and necessary.