Morbidly Beautiful Plus-Size Model Tess Holliday Walks the Runway Wrapped in a White Bed Sheet

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2019

Our society is beauty-deprived — it doesn’t even know what true beauty is!

It’s time to remind ourselves what something truly beautiful looks like.

If you don’t see the beauty in that beautiful avatar of pure, unaltered beauty, then you’ve been so deprived of beauty throughout all of your life that you’ve lost the ability to recognize it, and you no longer know what a true paragon of beauty looks like.

It’s not your fault though — it’s society’s fault, and Tess Holliday is here to correct all wrongs.

Daily Mail:

Tess Holliday made a statement in a white cut-out gown as she stormed the runway during New York Fashion Week on Saturday.

The plus-sized model, 34, oozed confidence in the striking dress – which was emblazoned with the phrase ‘sample size’ – as she walked the catwalk for Chromat’s Spring/Summer 2020 show at Gallery I at Spring Studios.

The creative ensemble, which featured a daring cut out across the chest, appeared to be a response to recent controversies surrounding ‘child size’ sample size dresses.

Tess herself is unapologetically confident when it comes her body, and regularly takes to her Instagram account to relay messages of body positivity to her followers.

She frequently uploads scantily-clad pictures with inspiring captions, and has previously slammed lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret for ‘only caring about marginalised groups.’

Earlier this year, Tess hit back at her critics who insisted plus-size people can’t be in shape, revealing that she drives more than two hours a day to work out with her trainer three times a week.

Taking to Instagram she wrote: ‘I drive over 2 hours to train with @massy.arias 3x a week. That’s commitment. So don’t tell me what folks in bigger bodies aren’t capable of, because we will prove you wrong ever time.’

Tess Holliday is definitely in shape, but in the shape of what exactly is a topic for another moment.

The idea that the obese can be healthy, fit, “in shape” or “capable” is preposterous. One look at them should be enough to realize that, but somehow we have to pretend that they have a right to visually offend everyone they cross paths with.

Daily Mail, August 15, 2017:

Being ‘fat but fit’ is a myth, doctors have warned.

People who are overweight are at increased risk of having a heart attack, no matter how healthy they are.

A major study of more than half a million people across Europe found those who were overweight or obese had up to a 28 per cent higher risk of developing coronary heart disease – where arteries in the heart become clogged leading to heart attacks or heart failure.

Overweight people were at higher risk even if they had healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

The latest findings contradict previous smaller studies which suggested some overweight people could be healthy if they suffered none of the negative effects usually connected to weight gain, such as high blood pressure.

These monsters should be either harassed into starvation or encouraged to eat more and more until they’re no longer able to leave their homes. Anything that keeps them out of sight is okay.

Daily Mail, June 14, 2019:

After decades of research showing the impossibly close link between obesity and heart problems, a Swedish study has finally proven what we’ve long suspected: Excess weight does cause heart disease.

Obesity alone – without other risk factors like high cholesterol, inactivity and diabetes – raises a person’s risks of heart disease by nearly a third, previous research has shown.

At last, the Karolinska Institute researchers used a method called Mendelian randomization prove that high BMI is a direct cause of heart disease.

Pretending the deformed are just as human as you are will only end in deformity spreading.

Tolerance levels everything down. It makes everything and everyone uglier and dumber.

Daily Mail, July 12, 2016:

Fat people are less intelligent than people with a normal weight, a provocative study claims.

Overweight men and women have less grey and white matter in key areas of the brain.

They also have greater impulsivity and ‘altered reward processing’, the study said.

The researchers said that their findings could explain why overweight people make poor diet choices – they do not have the mental capacity to control themselves.

Instead of accepting and glorifying deformed retards, we should be lining them up and throwing them off of cliffs.

Literally every conversation about accepting obesity and about how “fat is beautiful” is actually about protecting the feelings of these deformed retards.

Normal people contorting themselves so mutants can feel more comfy out in the open leads to the destruction of civilization.

It is pure degeneracy.