Most Americans Believe Gender is Biological, Oppose Child Trannies

Who knows what to think of these polls.

If 43% think you can change your sex, that is an irredeemable country.

New York Post:

A new poll found that the majority of American adults believe gender is determined at birth and are against biological males competing in women’s sports.

On Friday, a new Washington Post-KFF poll dropped with insights into Americans’ views on transgenderism in the nation, our schools and women’s sports.

The poll found that 57% of American adults believe gender is based on the sex “assigned” at birth, while 43% say a person could change their gender later in life.

Fifty-three percent of 18- to 34-year-olds believe that gender is based on birth sex, while 47% believe one can change their gender later in life.

Sixty-three percent of adults 55 to 64 years of age believe that gender is based on the sex “assigned” at birth.

The poll found that the vast majority of Americans support laws against discriminating against transgendered people in areas such as in the military and housing, but a supermajority of Americans don’t want biological males in women’s sports.

The poll also found that 62% of American adults supported so-called “gender-affirming counseling or therapy” for kids ages 10 to 14, but 68% were against giving the age group puberty blockers.

For transgender teens age 15 to 17, 66% of American adults supported “gender-affirming counseling or therapy” but the majority, 58%, were still opposed to prescribing puberty blocker medications.

It’s too bad it had to happen like this.