Most Colleges and Universities Requiring Anal Brainwashing to Graduate

You can’t graduate from a US university unless your ass is lubed up and ready for the world.

In the modern world, if you want to be a success, you need your asshole lubed up.

This is just basic democracy.

New York Post:

Most American colleges and universities require the completion of courses that emphasize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)-related topics to graduate, according to a new report surveying public and private institutions.

Speech First, a group advocating for First Amendment rights on US campuses, released an investigation on Thursday that found 165 of 248 selected institutions — from American University to Williams College — mandate DEI-related classes to meet general education requirements.

The classes “place students into identitarian groupings based on racial, sexual, and political characteristics to create a rigid framework amongst students where they only see each other as either the ‘oppressor’ or the ‘oppressed,’” the executive summary of the 33-page report states.

Speech First looked for trainings and courses that included an “anti-racist” approach, which often denounces “whiteness” or “white supremacy,” as well as the existence of forced “DEI Statements” in which faculty pledge to promote the ideology if hired.

The group also searched for the use of terms like “intersectionality,” “toxic masculinity,” “critical gender theory,” “ableism,” “implicit bias,” “systemic racism” and “social justice.”

All very important terms that mean “lube up your ass and get ready.”

“Consequently, this erosion of merit-based principles and build-up of anti-American sentiment has had detrimental impacts on the quality of education and has fostered an environment where conservative voices are systematically marginalized, discredited, and silenced,” the report states.

As DEI departments have grown on campuses, we have seen an increase in campus policies that regulate, monitor, and restrict student speech,” it adds. “The inquiry revealed that students are subjected to courses advocating far-left ideological perspectives and pushing far-left political advocacy.”

The report suggests that the banning of DEI and critical race theory courses and the adoption of free speech programs during freshman orientation would change the leftward drift of America’s higher education institutions.

It also advocated for a return to the study of the nation’s founding principles under the Constitution as a part of general education requirements nationwide.

Honestly, you don’t even have to ban the courses. Making them mandatory is insane, but the real problem is the free speech issue, where you’re not allowed to disagree with any of this stuff.

If you had a class about DEI where students were allowed to stand up, to write papers giving real criticisms of the doctrine, that could actually be helpful in deconstructing it in a critical way.

The problem is that no criticism is allowed, as these Jews have decided they are the moral arbiters of reality and that no one is allowed to question anything.