Mother Says She’ll Show Up to School with Guns Loaded to Resist Mask Mandate

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Though I certainly understand the sentiment, it is difficult to view this sort of thing as anything other than counterproductive.

They are trying to portray us all as terrorists.


Activists are calling for the arrest of a Virginia mother after she appeared to threaten school board members with “loaded guns” over a mask mandate in place. Police have responded by saying they are increasing their presence at Page County Public Schools in Luray, Virginia.

The mother, identified as Amelia King, found herself trending on social media after a clip of her comments began spreading. In footage from a Thursday night school board meeting, King can be seen voicing her objection to a mask mandate in place for students, which she says her children will not participate in. As she nears the end of her time, she says her children will not be wearing masks and if the mandate is enforced, she would bring “every single gun.”

“No mask mandates. My children will not come to school Monday with a mask on. I will bring every single gun, loaded and ready,” she said.

When King is then informed she’s gone over her allotted three minutes to speak, she tells the room, “see you all on Monday.”

And before some wignat asshole says “WELL WHAT ARE PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO DO???”

Well, you’re supposed to give up.

The war is lost.

We lost.

The year to show up at the school with loaded guns was 1963, when they told you you couldn’t pray to Jesus in school.

The only thing any of us can do now is try to stay alive, and refuse to comply.

The best way to do that is to get out of the cities, get involved in a community, and build a network of people who are ready to stand with you and refuse to comply.

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