Mourning the Slow Pace of Transsexual Liberation, Kristen Gillibrand Kills Herself by Drinking Antifreeze

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2019

RIP: Shine on you crazy diamond.

There are some people that want a revolution, and there are others who want a revolution right now. The late Kristen Gillibrand, or Kirsten or whatever her name is, was in the latter group. She couldn’t wait for trannys to achieve liberation, so she killed herself by drinking antifreeze.

Oh wait no sorry. She didn’t kill herself, she just dropped out of the presidential race because she failed to qualify for the third debate.

And that is truly like killing America, depriving us of having her as president. Because truly, she was the only one who could bring us into the light of transsexual equality and liberation. Now, we are cursed to live in the Mike Pence Christian Dark Ages.

This is not my America.

There is no equality.

So there will never be peace.

Woe unto ye.