Muhammed Now the Most Popular Name in All of Britain

Daily Stormer
August 16, 2014

Typical British people.
Typical British people.
First it was the most popular name in England, now it is the most popular name in all of the UK.

The most popular name used to be “Jack.”


As exclusively reported by Breitbart London last week, Muhammed has been crowned Britain’s most popular boys name in figures published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) today. The name of the Muslim prophet beat Oliver as the most popular boys name chosen by parents in Britain in 2013.

As a result of the way the statistics are put together, the name does not appear to have won, as the ONS classifies each of the different spellings as a different entry on the list. This means that “Muhammad” came in 15th with 3,499 children but “Mohammed” was 23rd with 2,887 and “Mohammad” was 57th with 1059 given the name.

As a result the top three spellings alone accounted for the names of 7,445 boys, easily beating the second most popular name Oliver which got just 6,949. Also the statistics are only published for the top 100 names, so the even more obscure spellings of Mohammed are likely to push the total even higher.

News that Mohammed is the most popular boys name in Britain was first exclusively reported on Breitbart London following a leak at the ONS last week. At the time, Mohammed was already the most popular boys name in London by some considerable margin.

How is it that this can happen and the British people be unaware that they are becoming a Muslim nation? That there is no future for anything resembling a British identity, and that all memory of the fact that something called “British” used to exist will be gone in a century?

How is all of this not painfully obvious to every member of society? It is clear enough to the Muslims themselves, who are actively coordinating a take-over.

How on earth did racism become the more evil thing in the world, to the point where people regulate their own thoughts in order to ensure they don’t take on the evil mindset of the terrible racists?

I blame the Jews. Basically, they destroyed our traditional morality, and replaced it with a new form. We then latched onto it, because we have an internal biological drive to follow a moral code.

God help us all.