Musk Defies Brazilian Judge, Vows to Bring American-Style “Freedom of Speech” to Brazil

No one knows what Elon Musk means when he says “freedom of speech.” What is clear is that he does not mean “free speech.”

Presumably, the issue here is that because Brazil is aligned with Russia, the US wants to make sure they have the ability to stir up color revolutions in Brazil.

It’s definitely not about actual free speech, because there is no free speech on Twitter. Elon Musk has banned more people than the previous administration of the company. It’s absolutely absurd for him to go around claiming to care about freedom of speech.

With the color revolutions, what Twitter does is ban everyone opposed to the revolution, and then totally amplify the accounts that are run by the CIA. Then they call this “free speech,” while banning everyone who disagrees with their revolutionary “anal war” agenda.


Elon Musk is challenging a decision by a Supreme Court justice in Brazil who ordered his social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, to block certain accounts, and he called on Sunday for the judge’s resignation.

“This judge has brazenly and repeatedly betrayed the constitution and people of Brazil. He should resign or be impeached. Shame @Alexandre, shame,” Musk posted on X.

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In an earlier post, Musk said X was lifting all the restrictions decided by Justice Alexandre de Moraes on certain undisclosed accounts in Brazil and would publish details of the order despite the judge’s prohibition on doing so.

Brazil’s solicitor general, Jorge Messias, criticized Musk’s decision and called for regulation of social media networks to prevent foreign platforms from violating Brazilian laws.

We cannot live in a society in which billionaires domiciled abroad have control of social networks and put themselves in a position to violate the rule of law, failing to comply with court orders and threatening our authorities,” Messias said in a post on X.

No country should allow that. Every country should ban Twitter.

Twitter will amplify accounts that are calling for the overthrow of your government, and then ban anyone making counter arguments. Then they will say this is free speech.

No one should tolerate this.

China doesn’t have color revolutions, because they ban US social media.

X Corp had been “forced by court decisions” to block certain popular accounts in Brazil and was prohibited from giving details of the order or which judge issued it, the company said in a statement. It said X was threatened with daily fines if it failed to comply.

Musk said the blocking order was unconstitutional.

The people of Brazil, regardless of their political beliefs, are entitled to freedom of speech, due process, and transparency from their own authorities,” he posted.

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