National Front Candidate: Goyim are Prevented from Success in the Music Industry

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2015

Xavier Sainty: Looking a bit Jewish didn't help his career any.
Xavier Sainty: Looking a bit Jewish didn’t help his career any.

A French amateur singer, now a candidate for National Front, has come out and said that his musical career was blocked by hate-filled parasites who would never accept him as part of the industry because he isn’t a Jew.

How dare he state what he learned from personal experience with chosen ones?


Xavier Sainty, a candidate for National Front from the central Allier region in the upcoming regional elections, made the statement on social media earlier this month, the Liberation daily reported on Wednesday.

“Even in show business I am blocked in all directions, and a Jewish producer, ‘Patrick Jaoul’ told me to my face: ‘as you’re not Jewish you’ll never be on television or the radio and you’ll be barred because we have money and it all belongs to us, you’ll never make it.’”

Using the Hebrew word for non-Jews, Sainty added: “This is how we are treated by these governments for decades, we the ‘goyim.’ For a real French revolution, for Marine Le Pen and fast!”

Apparently, this guy believes Marine Le Pen is going to deal with the Jew problem, even though she herself says she isn’t.