National Guard to Replace Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers in New York

Anglin wrote about this yesterday, but hey – Elvis is writing about it today.

It’s an important story, because a lot of nurses are saying “they need us.”

They don’t need you. They will replace you with the National Guard and then they will bring in foreigners.

The Guardian:

The governor of New York, Kathy Hochul, is considering using the national guard and out-of-state medical workers to fill hospital staffing shortages, as tens of thousands of workers are unlikely to meet a Monday deadline for mandated Covid-19 vaccination.

The plan, outlined in a statement, would allow the governor to declare a state of emergency and thereby increase the supply of healthcare workers to include licensed professionals from other states and countries as well as retired nurses.

Hochul said the state was also looking at using national guard officers with medical training to keep hospitals and other medical facilities adequately staffed.

Some 16% of the state’s 450,000 hospital staff, or roughly 70,000 workers, have not been fully vaccinated, the governor’s office said.

“We are still in a battle against Covid to protect our loved ones,” Hochul said.

“I commend all of the healthcare workers who have stepped up to get themselves vaccinated, and I urge all remaining healthcare workers who are unvaccinated to do so now so they can continue providing care.”

The plan comes amid a broader battle between state and federal government leaders pushing for vaccine mandates to help counter the highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus and workers who are against inoculation requirements, some on religious grounds.

On Sunday, Hochul attended a service at a large church in New York City, to ask Christians to help promote vaccines.

I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other,” Hochul told congregants at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn.

Jesus taught us to love one another and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live.”

Healthcare workers who are fired for refusing to get vaccinated will not be eligible for unemployment insurance unless they are able to provide a valid doctor-approved request for medical accommodation, Hochul’s office said.

The real issue here is simple:


They solve the thing.