Nationalism Must Crush the New Age Movement

Sean de Moray
Western Spring
August 31, 2014

The All-Seeing Eye features a lot in conspiracy theories.

We live in the Age of the Internet. Before this age, education, news, and culture was disseminated through regionalist organs of delivery such as the TV, the radio, government libraries, and, for those people stuck with the superstitions of the Middle Ages, the pulpit. This was our experienced reality, so very few people could contemplate politics outside the confines of what was available: System-Propaganda

Only men with incredible amounts of patience, intelligence and luck would ever get close to the political truth. Some men did. We can read these amazing people today, so it is difficult for us to understand that political information used to be far, far scarcer than it is today. We are lucky!

Think about it this way: how many people in the European nationalist scene would have known about the Bilderberg Group, the Frankfurt School, the true nature of Israel, the Zionist control of the West, the Jewish control of the media, the International Banksters, and the White geNOcide Project before the mass availability of the Internet? Maybe some leaders, sure, but we have to face facts: pre-Internet nationalists didn’t know as much about the context of the struggle as we do today.

The problem?

Amongst our people, an understanding of the nationalist struggle is still esoteric. Despite the huge amounts of information available to any of our people who wish to understand our perspective, many people are afraid to access this information because it could get them into trouble and instead, they seek softer options, allowing themselves to be led down blind alleys by people like David Icke, Alex Jones, and, due to the way he has changed his core message of White survival and allied himself with the anti-Zionist left, David Duke.

These people are not going to change anything by doing this.

The Internet is great for waking people up; but many of our people  lack the mental strength needed to take on the System for what it is really doing: committing genocide against the White race. Such people often cannot face up to the truth and so in acts of pure self-deception they pretend to be challenging the System when all they are really doing is listening to deluded ideologues, dancing to degenerate music, and taking drugs.

Deep down, most of these people must know they aren’t really challenging the System as they spew out poltically correct cliches that never stray past ”dangerous” ideas such as heavily taxing the rich. But we have to face reality: until the day arrives when we can eradicate these pitiful tendencies amongst so many of the ”free-thinking” caste of our people, this will be the maximum extent of ”rebellion” for most of our race!

What can we do?

We nationalists who are capable of seeing through all the disinformation, nonsense, and cowardice of the ”New Age Conspiracy Movement”, are faced with a major challenge: we must, in every way possible, take on the New Agers until every last person who is capable of thinking for themselves knows we are speaking the truth. There is no other way. We won’t be able to smash the System if a significant portion of potential revolutionaries suffer from a delusion that we can’t defeat our enemies because they’re descended from inter-dimensional aliens, or some other such rubbish.

If the nationalist movement can gather the best of our race into a formidable force the fake opposition movements can be silenced. We must give the masses of our people more reasons to follow us than the state! We need to become the only option for our people. We need to do this by becoming the only legitimate vehicle for revolution.

We have advantages. The System is a huge, cumbersome, corrupt, rotting and failing machine, and the New Agers challenging it are idiots. We must win the meta-political struggle. We must be prepared to fight for the 14 words!