The US Cries Out in Pain as It Threatens You and Accuses You of Being “Evil”

Why does this Jew always look so nervous? If we were going to make a failed Jew rock singer Secretary of State, we should have picked David Lee Roth.

Don’t forget that China is the real aggressor.

Let’s just keep saying that, while top US officials issue nigh daily threats against the Chinese.

Jew Blinken’s latest threats come just two days after four-eyed closeted faggot Mike Johnson called Chinese people “evil” and declared he was sending money to support a war in Taiwan.


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken intends to warn Chinese officials of consequences for exporting materials to Russia with potential military applications, when he travels to Beijing on Wednesday.

Blinken, who is scheduled to make stops in Beijing and Shanghai during a three-day trip to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), plans to meet with Foreign Minister Wang Yi. He will “reiterate deep concerns regarding the PRC’s support for Russia’s defense industrial base,” a US State Department spokesman told reporters.

At issue are China’s exports of machine tools, microelectronics, optics, and other products that could be used to make weapons amid the conflict in Ukraine. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued a similar warning when she visited China earlier this month.

Yeah, that old Jew was in a hallway issuing threats just a couple weeks ago.

All these people do is threaten.

China doesn’t come to Washington and threaten the US to stop funding the Ukraine war, or to stop the genocide in Palestine.

People who issue endless threats are not serious people. Serious people just do things.

The concern there is that through Chinese support, Russia has largely reconstituted its defense industrial base, which has an impact not just on the battlefield in Ukraine, but poses a larger threat, we believe, to broader European security,” the State Department spokesman said. “So that’s deeply concerning to us. We’ll express those concerns to China, and we will express our intent to have China curtail that support.”

What’s “deeply concerning” is how nervous you look, Jew.

Why are you so nervous?

The State Department has warned that it will take “further steps as necessary” to deter China from aiding Russia’s defense industry. “We’re committed to taking the steps necessary to defend our national interests, and we’re prepared to take steps when we believe necessary against firms that are taking steps in contravention to our interests and in ways that – as we’ve indicated here – severely undermine security in both Ukraine and Europe,” the spokesman said.

Blinken raised the issue when he met with G7 leaders earlier this week in Italy. He will not specify the potential punishments during talks in Beijing, but new sanctions could target Chinese financial institutions, the Financial Times reported, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter.

The US is being “very direct” about its concerns and will “hold China accountable” for its actions in providing dual-use technologies to Russia while trying to strengthen its ties with Europe, Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said. “What we’ve tried to underscore with European and Chinese interlocutors is that these dual objectives are inconsistent, and that we want China to think very carefully about the way forward.”

It’s not inconsistent, Kurt, you fat wanker.

What China believes is what everyone who isn’t delusional believes: the US is on the way out as a global superpower. It’s really already over. China knows that when the US falls, Europe will still be there, and still be interested in buying high quality products at reasonable prices. Just so, the Chinese will be interested in buying high tech from German masterminds. They will be interested in Swiss watches, French wine, Italian designer brands, and so on.

No Europeans believe that Russia is planning to invade and conquer Western Europe. Every normal person knows this claim is insane. The US just goes around with this “global poker face” and says things they know everyone knows are lies. The only people who believe any of this goofy bullshit from the US-Jewish war machine are Fatmerican slobs who can barely manage to move their massively fat bodies from the sofa to the refrigerator.

PICTURED: “Russian Threat” believers. [STOCK PHOTO]
No one else is buying this tripe.

The US is fully aware no one buys it. They know that the impending Russian march on Paris is viewed globally as drooling idiotic gibberish.

Imagine the nerve it takes to go around the world spewing this nonsense, knowing that everyone you are talking to knows that you are lying, and knows that you know they know you are lying.

Most of us have trouble telling small lies to people who are basically retarded. We get asked “were you looking at that girl’s ass?” and we’re like “what? no, what? Why would you think that? Haha, no, I wasn’t, no. Of course not.”

Anthony Blinken will go look a 130 IQ Chinaman directly in his small eyes and say “we’re very concerned that Russia is planning to invade Sweden at any moment and we think it’s your fault.” The Chinaman will hear the translation and sit there with his jaw hanging open, absolutely thunderstruck by the nerve of this Jew. The Jew will remain unfazed, and then say: “We also think you’re going to invade Taiwan soon, because you’re evil.”

China is Just Trying to Ignore US War Plans and Keep Building Their Global Economic Empire

It’s not just China that is building relations with Europe – Europe is building relations with China. There is an old saying “it takes two to tango.” That saying isn’t actually true, as you can tango alone. I’ve done it. But I wouldn’t recommend anyone tango solo.

Regardless of the factuality of that idiom, China can’t strengthen ties with Europe if Europe doesn’t want to strengthen ties. What this means is that Europeans are preparing, like the Chinese are preparing, for an end to US hegemony.

The US is telling Europe to stop strengthening relations with the Chinese, and Europe is still doing it. That gnarly cunt Ursula – a US shill – is going around demanding everyone obey mommy and stop strengthening relations with China, and no one is listening. The bitch was so bold as to try to change the term “decoupling” to “de-risking.”

German men were like “mein trollop, it sounds to me like you are talking about de-moneying.”

Men want to make money. That’s what men want to do. You know the song “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”?

Well, that song is true. The reverse is that “Men Just Want to Make Money.”

Obviously, there is more to life than making money, but the part of your life that is not about making money is not your professional life. Your professional life is primarily about money. (Unless you’re me, but that’s very specific and complicated. My personal and professional life are both about revenge.)

Of course, women end up gobbling up most of the money men make, which is why women are not concerned about making money, and are instead able to focus on “fun.” In fact, what women define as “fun” primarily involves systematically extracting money from men.

There’s another 1980s pop song that was sung by a woman but written by a man about that.

(Madonna was obviously much better than Cyndi Lauper, but these are both defining cultural songs, and they are both true.)

Men’s drive to make money is not actually about mass wealth, but rather, it is simply what you do. There is nothing else to do. If you’re going to work, you might as well be making a lot of money.

But I digress.

No, wait. I haven’t digressed. This was my actual point: the people who actually keep society running are focused on money, and the Chinese are offering money. The US, meanwhile, is offering endless war and gay sex.

I wrote a piece yesterday about how the only countries that celebrate gay sex are aligned with the US, and all countries that don’t celebrate gay sex are lining up on the other side of this new global order. The reaction to gay sex, and in particular the US-Jewish agenda to push gay sex on children, is so visceral that it is maybe even more influential than money for a lot of countries. You can imagine it on the personal level: how much money would you pay for your son not to be gay? The answer for most men is “all of it.”

However, it has become clear that the US has zero interest in anyone making any money. Obviously, they enrich a small international cartel. The Jews always make money (I would actually say they “take money” – they don’t actually make anything), and they will throw some scraps to the corrupt democracy leaders they install in various countries, but in terms of “becoming a wealthy nation,” this is not on the table anymore if you’re aligned with the US.

Germany is facing deindustrialization because the US has forced them into this nonsensical and fully sadistic war with Russia. The US literally blew up their gas pipes in the biggest act of industrial terrorism in history. But along with screwing over rich people who own factories and so on, the US is the one pushing for the end of European agriculture. Everyone in Europe understands that all of this global warming gibberish from the UN is actually from the US. It’s common sense. Why would the Netherlands want to destroy their own agricultural sector? Who does it benefit?

The US-Jewish empire is telling all of the people in Europe – beyond a small cartel of people in Brussels and London – that they have to sacrifice all of their wealth in order to fight endless ideological wars to force everyone on earth to engage in man-on-man anal.

Meanwhile, China is like “we are just trying to make money.” Europe may ask: “Yeah? And what else?” and the Chinese reply: “No, it’s just the one thing. Just money.”

Chinese culture is very alien to white people, and it’s therefore easy to portray them as somehow suspicious in media designed for landless Fatmerican plebs. But when we’re talking about serious adult men, everyone understands “we just want to make money.”

When it comes down to it, the only thing the US can do in response to this situation is call people evil and then threaten to kill them. But can they kill everyone?

This is what recently happened in Niger:

  • The Niger people said they want to be free of Western-anal influence and align themselves with Russia and China to make money
  • The US spent months saying they were going to organize a war against Niger to “enforce democracy” (i.e., force the people back into a system of Western domination)
  • The Niger people said “quit talking and make a move, nigga”
  • The US surrendered and agreed to withdraw their military forces from the country

It might sound bizarre, but Niger should be a model for Europe. This is what you have to do if you don’t want to be poor and gay. You have to tell the Americans “if you’re going to kill us, then come kill us – we’re not doing this shit anymore.”