Natural Populism: It’s Sad There’s No Alliance Between Wealthy Industrialists and Normal People

I don’t necessarily trust Prince, but a lot of what he’s said over the last few years I agree with.

At the very least, he is a real military man who understands war a lot better than Blinken and Sullivan.


The West should pull the plug on the Ukraine conflict as soon as possible because it will not be able to outperform Russia’s defense industry, Erik Prince, founder of the American private military company Blackwater has said.

Speaking to the podcast PBD on Friday, Prince, who served as the CEO of the mercenary group until 2009 and now heads Frontier Resource Group, a private equity fund, expressed doubts about whether Kiev and its Western backers could prevail in the conflict with Russia, which has just entered its third year.

“We need to bring this war to a close because all Ukraine is doing right now is destroying itself demographically,” he said, adding that hostilities are “chewing up the next generation of Ukrainian manpower,” which will be almost impossible to replace.

“The Western defense base is pathetic and you’re not going to out-conventional war the Russian bear,” Prince argued.

According to the former US Navy SEAL, in this light, the “ugly peace” and a freeze in hostilities would be a better option both for Kiev and its Western supporters than “whatever their idea of an ideal war is,” adding “let them [Russia] keep Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk. Whatever.”

The majority Russian-speaking Autonomous Republic of Crimea and city of Sevastopol voted overwhelmingly to become part of Russia in a 2014 referendum after a Western-backed coup in Kiev. Donetsk and Lugansk, regions which had declared independence from Ukraine, followed suit in September, 2022 after the start of the current conflict.

However, Prince did not mention Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, which also held successful referendums to join Russia in the fall of 2022.

“It’s not the American taxpayer’s obligation to spend another hundred billion in Ukraine when there’s been significant corruption and really nothing to show for it,” he added.

Meanwhile, Tesla and Space X CEO Elon Musk appeared to agree with Prince. Commenting on the Blackwater CEO’s quotes, which were cited by American investor David Sacks, he wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “Unfortunately, that is true.”

Prince, Sachs, and Musk all know what’s going on.

Musk is unique in the group in that he is powerful but is a spineless coward who refuses to use his power for any purpose other than making comments on Twitter that he later apologizes for.

Musk is continuing to help the military industrial complex as well, despite knowing what they are doing to the future of the world, because he wants the money.

We all wish that people like this could come together with people like Colonel MacGregor and build some kind of opposition to the uniparty agenda. But that isn’t happening and there is no reason to believe it will.

Tucker Carlson is the one that could probably bring them together, but Tucker Carlson is a low IQ moron who is obsessed with war with the Chinese (none of the other three mentioned here share that view).

Tucker Carlson wants you to think Ming the Merciless is going to march on America with an army of communist wraiths

You would think that other billionaires, like Bezos and Chamath and others, would want to get on board with a new movement in this country that is both populist and pro-industry, instead of elitist and obsessed with crushing all industry in the name of global warming.

I suspect they are all being manipulated by the CIA and the Mossad and so on. There’s not really any other reason that we don’t get more out of these people, because our interests overlap with theirs more or less entirely. There is an army of people they could call on if they just started pushing a patriotic, anti-woke, anti-immigrant, anti-war, pro-jobs, pro-America message.

There is always a natural alliance to be had between industrialists and normal people against globalists, ideological world domination people, and banking elites, whose only industry they care about is arms manufacturing. Arms is basically an anti-industry, as though it obviously is an industry, it necessarily drains other industries, which would be both more profitable and more helpful to society.

Sachs is the only one who has really done anything of value, and that is Rumble, in which he is a key investor and mastermind. Unlike Twitter, which is just as censored as Facebook (if not actually worse), Rumble has actual free speech and Sachs has vowed to keep it real.

Years ago, I had hoped that Peter Thiel was trying organize some kind of populist-industrialist alliance like this. He was supporting ostensibly right-wing political candidates. But then it turned out that was just a total farce, and he was primarily just attempting to sell military spying technologies (he was also apparently working with the FBI, probably because he’s a homosexual who was being blackmailed due to his relations with underage twinks – though admittedly, this could have been disinformation).

Of the three candidates Thiel was bigly behind, the best appeared to be Blake Masters, and he lost – or “lost.” JD Vance is from Yale as well as fat, and although he’s better than most of the Senate, he doesn’t really do anything, does he? Sometimes he makes based comments on shows.

Meanwhile, Josh Hawley, the third Thiel man, is now Mr. Israel, calling for mass censorship of the internet to protect the feelings of the Jews. After having made a name for himself as an anti-censorship warrior, he is now at least as extreme, and possibly more extreme, than Nikki Haley (all of the Republican censorship people are now more extreme than the Democrats ever were).

Maybe you can’t hold Thiel responsible for what Hawley does after he’s in office, but he should have publicly denounced him at least. Anyway, Thiel and his agenda, clearly, are useless. Probably, the fact that he’s gay just makes him necessarily useless.

It’s sad that these industrialists can’t pick up the ball, because MAGA is dead. Sorry.

Donald Trump is old. Trump is also an absurd Jew-lover, and it looks like the chances are rapidly increasing that he’s going to be installed as president in order to get white men to sign up and go fight for the Jews. I know I was very aggressive in my position that he would not be reelected, but the facts have changed severely, and it would be ridiculous not to reassess.

Right now, I would say that if Joe Biden is replaced at the convention with a different candidate, that new candidate (presumably Gavin Newsom, but others claim Michelle Obama) will “win” the fake election. However, if they actually do decide to run Joe Biden again, I would pretty much guarantee you’re going to get Trump. You will get an old, tired, Ultra-Jew Trump.

Most Americans still love him, of course, and they will get behind whatever Israeli agenda he puts forward, presumably a direct war with Iran.

I guess there are other factors. Trump is really personally mad at Bibi. He said “fuck him” at a rally a while back, and he rarely drops f-bombs at rallies. But Trump never had any control over his administration the first time, so there’s no reason he would the second time, unless he brought in Colonel MacGregor and just fired every single person working in the government, which I’d say there’s a zero chance of, and if it happened, he’d just be assassinated.

Trump is going to pick someone horrible as his VP, I guarantee that. Trump is not stupid, he knows the elections are now totally fake. (The 2022 election was arguably even faker than 2020, if you look at the scale of it.) He knows the only chance he has to win is if the people who decide election outcomes pick him.

So many conservatives/Republicans/right-wingers are focusing on the culture war stuff, but this really is just a distraction. Even the 9+ million foreigners Joe Biden marched into the country are a distraction. (There are already so many of these people here, it doesn’t matter if it is 50 or 150 million, unless you believe elections are real, and they’re not.) The thing the real powers care about is the American empire, and that means somehow figuring out a way to decisively defeat Russia, China, and Iran, and force this one-world democracy system, run by Washington. Once that is done, they can do all their woke stuff without any resistance anyway.

The wars are the thing that is going to determine the outcome of the 2024 election, and right now, quite frankly, Donald Trump is the better war candidate.

Of course, I don’t really care, personally. I’ve said for years now that America is doomed, and that this is good, because the only way anything in the world is going to change is if the American empire falls and China becomes the dominant world superpower. I’ve worked through all possibilities, and this is the only one that makes any sense. I also understand that it is inevitable. It would be better if it happened without a major war, and the US simply got knocked off its perch as ruler of the global financial system, at which point the US empire would experience a “collapse of the USSR” style crisis, where the various subsidiaries of the empire would split off (in particular, Europeans would establish independent governments). The US would no longer be able to fund the military. The country would still exist (maybe parts of it would break off, who knows), but it would no longer be an empire, and the whole world would open up again, as people were able to breathe.

Hopefully, a strongman would seize control of the government, and start implementing the kind of industrialist-backed populism that I support.

Probably, however, there is going to be a war. Nothing on the scale of World War II, but something in the Middle East, where the US deploys troops, and then gets blown out. Then the dollar will fall, China will assert itself as the global mediator, and every nation will then be able to make its own decisions again.

I’m hopeful. Very hopeful, actually.

But I think the idea that some new populist movement will rise from the current empire and somehow take control of it is dumb and impossible.

Don’t worry about the Chinese. I promise you, they don’t want to force you into communism. They are not even communists themselves. The Chinese want one thing and one thing only and that is money. They want the money for two reasons and two reasons only: to buy property and waste it at the casino taking a hit on a 17 at the blackjack table.

They don’t want to mess with you. I promise. Tucker Carlson is stupid or he’s working for the CIA (after the Putin interview, I’m now leaning towards the former, because the CIA definitely did not want that interview to happen). There are problems that will arise when the Chinese assume their role as the dominant world power, but they are problems so small in comparison to the problems we have now that they are not even worth considering right now.

The most important thing to understand is that they are not violent. They are not a warlike people. At all. They couldn’t even beat the Vietnamese. They don’t like war and they don’t want war and that is why they are always issuing these statements begging the United States to “just relax and stop making trouble.” The Chinese are very good at making money, and they understand that about themselves, and it’s the only thing they care about. Anyone who tells you otherwise is stupid or lying on purpose.

The Chinese century is going to be fine.

We’re not going to be censored and we’re all gonna get rich, bro.