House Pushing “Trump Plan” to Give the Ukraine Their Billions “As a Loan”

Donald Trump, a former game show host famous for calling for the Jews to “finish off” the babies in Gaza, floated the idea some weeks ago that we should continue sending the Ukraine money to fight an endless war, but instead of calling it “aid,” we should call it “a loan.”

Of course, the loan will be zero interest, and there will be no obligation to ever pay it back, meaning that there is literally zero difference between this and the current situation, other than changing one word.

To be fair, Trump and now these House goyim are talking about “non-military,” but that is just the setup for the compromise where the Democrats get everything they want except one word switched out.


US Republican lawmakers are drafting a bill that would dole out some non-military aid to Ukraine as a loan, rather than a gift, NBC News reported on Friday. While the GOP views the plan as a compromise between the party’s pro- and anti-Kiev factions, Democrats insist that their no-strings-attached $60 billion aid bill is “the only way forward.”

The US Senate passed a $95 billion foreign aid bill last month, which would see Ukraine receive $60 billion in mostly military aid.

The Republican-controlled House has thus far refused to hold a vote on the bill, with GOP lawmakers demanding that it be bundled with a dramatic tightening of US immigration law and increased funding for border security.

This is all also total bullshit. The laws already exist, they’re just being flagrantly violated by the Jew Mayorkas. It would cost virtually nothing to secure the border.

It’s all just a farce.

Amid the deadlock, House Speaker Mike Johnson and the chairmen of multiple committees dealing with national security are working on their own bill that would treat some aid to Kiev as a long-term loan, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mike McCaul told NBC.

“The plans are in their preliminary stages and far from fully formed,” NBC noted. However, the network’s sources said that the GOP aims to have a bill ready for a vote before the end of March.

McCaul and Senator Lindsey Graham both stressed that only the non-military portion of the aid would be treated as a loan, and neither revealed how much military versus non-military aid would be doled out under the draft legislation. Out of the $60 billion set out in the bill passed by the Senate last month, less than $10 billion would be spent on non-military support for Kiev.


Both Graham and former President Donald Trump have endorsed the idea of loaning money to Kiev, although some conservative pundits have trashed the proposal. “Ukraine will never repay the debt, and we’ll never make them,” journalist Tucker Carlson stated last month. “This is just a more dishonest way to send more unaccounted for weapons to the region, delay the inevitable peace deal and kill more forcibly conscripted Ukrainians.”

Yeah, you said it.

I don’t know what kind of retard this isn’t obvious to, and I don’t know what kind of retard can still believe Trump will “end the war on day one” when he is actively promoting this cash transfer.

McCaul told NBC that the US could use seized Russian assets as collateral for any potential loan.


However, the US is currently only able to use certain assets to aid Ukraine indirectly, and McCaul’s plan would require passing additional legislation, something that Republicans are not all willing to do, according to NBC.

Democrats have greeted the plan with skepticism. “Aid is better than no aid, but this is not an ideal way of doing it,” an anonymous US official told NBC. “Asking a country to take on tens of millions of dollars of debt that they can’t afford to pay off is a recipe for a significant burden.”

Yeah, maybe you should have told that to every US “ally” since the end of World War II.

I think they would have appreciated that information.

This is all just disgusting.

It was obvious when Trump said it that this was the play, the “compromise,” which again, means changing one word. The Ukraine rump state that is going to exist after this “war” is over will not even be the same country. There will be no one to hold to account for these loans. All it could possibly do is force more Ukrainian land and resources to be transferred to BlackRock, using the old IMF strategy.

It’s all so tiresome.

But it’s to be expected.

The only real important takeaway here is that Donald Trump is now a vocal supporter of the Ukraine war. This is something that should have been included in my big article last week, where I focused on his undying support for Israel’s endless wars.

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I would really appreciate it if people would stop referring to Trump as the “peace candidate.” All these positions have been rolled back.

Bobby Kennedy is the only peace candidate.