Nazi-Hunter App Unveiled In Germany

Daily Slave
December 7, 2014

An app has been developed to track down evil German Nazis.

Apparently there are people in Germany who are so concerned about the rise of German nationalist protests that they have developed an anti-Nazi app.  The app helps people locate where these horrible Nazis are planning demonstrations so they can thwart them in the name of freedom and democracy.

Yes – these people must stop the evil “Nazis” who are trying to disrupt the wonderful democracy they have in Germany.  It doesn’t matter who the German people vote in, the government in power always does whatever the Jews want and that is worth fighting for.

What would Germany possibly do without such great freedoms?


Marzahn-Hellendorf, a district in Berlin, was supposed to be the site of a large, far-right demonstration on November 22, but it never happened.”There were four events by anti-Nazi supporters, so [right-wing supporters] avoided it,” says Jessica Zeller at the Association for Democratic Culture in Berlin.

She told DW the “Nazis” couldn’t hold their protest because the anti-Nazi movement was able to rally enough support to thwart them. The anti-Nazis used Web technology to find out the route that the Nazis were going to take in order to block their protest.

Now, Zeller and her team recently released a free app that will allow the anti-Nazi movement in Berlin to get push teasers on their phone to help them thwart right wing extremist events. The Android version of the “Gegen Nazis” (Anti Nazis) app was released on November 30, and the iOS version is slated for release on December 5.

The kiddies love to use their little gamies to pretend they're Brad Pitt
The kiddies love to use their little gamies to pretend they’re Brad Pitt
...and the even more handsomer Simon Wiesenthal.
…and the even more handsomer Simon Wiesenthal.