NBCUniversal Starts Deleting Non-Woke Scenes from Old WWE Shows

This is something that we predicted back in 2017, when the censorship really ramped up: they are going to reshape history by going back through and removing things that don’t fit with the modern ideology.

Everything is digital now. This is very easy to do when there is no one standing against it.

New York Post:

NBCUniversal is quietly scrubbing racist, risqué scenes from classic WWE matches before it adds the wrestling network’s massive trove of old footage to its new Peacock streaming service.

According to wrestling fan site, PWInsider, Peacock has deleted a match from the 1990’s “WrestleMania VI,” which featured a match between Roddy Piper and Bad News Brown that included Piper, a white wrestler, painting half his face black while facing off against Brown, a black wrestler.

“I hear Bad News Brown, how he’s talking about Harlem, and how he’s proud to be from Harlem,” Piper said during the pre-match interview, which was also removed from the service. “Now I can stand here, and I can be black! I can be white! Don’t make no difference to me. … It’s what’s inside.”

A source familiar with the situation told The Post that the Peacock is reviewing all 17,000 hours of WWE content to ensure it aligns with its standards and practices. WWE is also being made aware of any edits.

NBCUniversal’s nascent streaming service nabbed the exclusive US rights to WWE Network in January. Those new and archived matches became available to stream starting March 18.

Another deleted scene was from 2005’s “Survivor Series 19,” in which WWE CEO Vince McMahon, who is playing up the role of a corporate villain persona, said the N-word to a shocked John Cena. He then strutted past Booker T, a black wrestler, who said: “Tell me he didn’t just say that.”

At the time, a WWE spokesperson defended McMahon to TMZ, calling it “an outlandish and satirical skit involving fictional characters, similar to that of many scripted television shows and movies.”

Over the years, there have been many other racist and offensive moments, which are sure to keep the Peacock busy.

The fact is, most of this censorship is happening without people even knowing it.

The number of people who are against censorship and actively fighting it is so small that they can’t possibly keep track of all the censorship that is happening, as the entire digital record is cleansed.

You can’t even believe the amount of stuff that is just gone. I can’t even believe it. I am regularly shocked by simple, seemingly apolitical information that I simply cannot find anymore.

We recently published a piece about SEX.

Like a Gerbil Scratching at the Glass Bottom of an Aquarium

We couldn’t find the data on sex before marriage in the 1950s. We had seen the data, we remembered the data, we’d searched it before – but it was no longer available, or at least, it was not available through normal search engine processes.

This happens all the time to people who use search engines regularly. Google, once the single greatest piece of technology ever devised by men, has become nigh useless.

For more than 5 years, various record labels have been going back and removing the word “faggot” and other references to homosexuality from rap music, just as another example.

We saw that when Spotify took over Joe Rogan’s back catalog, they removed shows with Alex Jones, along with many others, such as those involving HIV=AIDS denialism and other now-taboo topics.

What we are entering into is a situation of endless revolution, where the past is constantly shifting to meet modern standards of morality.

It is very, very much like George Orwell’s 1984. That was supposedly a commentary on Stalinism, but Stalin never went as far as the book went, and we’ve now gone much further than the book, and we’re going deeper still.

“We’ve always been at war with Oceania” is now literally the argument being put forward.

These people are saying that Richard Nixon was wrong, and even when China was accepting all of our industry, and dutifully building all of our plastic crap for us, they were actually against us.

This is the famous “memory hole” picture from Stalinism:

But now all photos are digital, and with central control of all digital media – something that was allowed by libertarian, Ronald Reagan ideology, by the way – any photos (or videos or books or songs or WWF shows) can be edited.

Don’t be surprised if the famous photo of Nixon and Chairman Mao is photoshopped to have them boxing each other, and the history becomes “Nixon flew to China on a challenge to box Mao Zedong.”

But no, actually, what I’ve heard Mike Pompeo vaguely suggest is that Nixon was actually some kind of communist agent. I’m not joking. I’ve listened to many of these think tank forums that Pompeo attended and he has blatantly insinuated that Nixon was a communist.

By the way, we told you that we wouldn’t be surprised if Pompeo the Hutt started working for the Biden Administration to continue his war against the Chinese, and that has effectively happened.

After leaving his post at the State Department, this Hutt took up a post at the Hudson Institute, a neocon think-tank which current Jewish neocon Secretary of State Antony Blinken is also associated with.

As recently as July 9, 2020, the Jew Blinken attended a Hudson Institute summit where he railed against the threat of the Chinese.

Here’s the video (China is brought up at 7:20, but most of the video is about China). He says that Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo were not aggressive enough with China and they should have fought harder to defend Antifa in Hong Kong, and says Biden will destroy China. They also say they want to establish “democracy” in Thailand and Burma. Blinken actually says he wants to move troops out of the Middle East into Asia, before saying that Biden will always swear allegiance to Israel.

I mean, just listen to the video on 2x. Or don’t. Whatever.

But do know: I was spamming this video and all of the other information about Biden’s links to neocons and you fat, stupid slobs were saying “oh no – Biden is working with the Chinese, which is why we need to work with the Jews to fight against China.”

Well, faggots – now you’ve got your Jews in charge, now they’re attacking China. Great job! Good luck!

You people who said that Joe Biden was working for the Chinese are so stupid it makes me sick.

You can’t be expected to just intuitively know what is going on, but you stupid morons argued with me when I was telling you “no, look at this – Joe Biden is surrounding himself with Jews who want to overthrow the government of China.” I was linking you the evidence of it, which was incontrovertible.

Either Joe Biden was surrounding himself with Jews who want war with China, or he wasn’t – one or the other thing was true.

You are all morons. I’ve never lied. I’ve never shilled for anything I didn’t believe in.

At this point, if any of you boomer morons are still saying that Biden is working for China – and not the JEWS that he is surrounded by – you frankly deserve to be put in a Chinese work camp.

Jews are literally in front of you, running your country, and you are talking about the Chinese, who have no influence at all on your life.

Just how stupid are you?