NC: Cops Accuse Potato-Faced Retard of Planning to Do a Mass Shooting with an Antique Black Powder Shotgun

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2019

You thought it was stupid when Florida cops said an autist was going to do a mass shooting with a .22 hunting rifle and swooped him?

Well, North Carolina cops just did a “hold my beer,” and accused this potato:

Of plotting a mass shooting with this gun:

He confessed, of course. But he’s retarded?

ABC News:

Police arrested a North Carolina university student who admitted to planning a mass shooting at his school, authorities said Wednesday.

Officers charged Paul Steber, a 19-year-old freshman at High Point University in North Carolina, with two felony counts of having a gun on campus and an additional count for making threats of mass violence on Tuesday after a classmate reported him, police said.

Steber allegedly had ammunition and two firearms — a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol and a double-barrel, 12-gauge shotgun — in his dorm room when he was arrested. Authorities said he dose not appear to have any criminal history.

Yeah – he doesn’t have a criminal history because if he committed a crime normal society wouldn’t charge him for it on account of his being a retard.

This policy of swooping on retards and then bullying them into confessing to being “Tardwaffen” terrorists is simply incomprehensible.

At least they’re not saying this retard was inspired by Dylann Roof – ah, nevermind. Of course they’re saying that.

He had been plotting the shooting since December and had studied previous shootings, including the 2015 church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, prosecutors revealed at a court hearing Wednesday.

Steber, a Boston native, told authorities that he came to North Carolina because it was easier to gain access to guns, prosecutors said. He said he intended to carry out a shooting by Christmas.

Police did not offer specific details about his plans, but prosecutors said Steber desperately wanted to pledge a fraternity and the plot hinged on whether or not he got into one.

Prosecutors said he purchased the firearms last weekend in North Carolina, and that he planned to kill himself and his roommate if Steber didn’t get into a fraternity and the roommate did.

It’s unclear if the weapons were purchased legally, but North Carolina law prohibits any person, including a concealed handgun permit holder, from carrying firearms on educational property.

The High Point Police Department praised the student who reported Steber to school administrators in a statement Wednesday.

“This incident illustrates the importance of the public reporting suspicious activity to authorities,” the statement said. “Information from the public is often the critical first step in preventing acts of mass violence.”

Snitch the whites! Denunciations now!

Snitches are the true Americans.

Basically, if someone you know owns a gun, you can call the cops and denounce them, and they’ll be arrested and charged with planning terrorism. It’s kind of funny to think about someone doing that to this poor retard.

You would think it would sound too stupid to say he was planning a mass shooting with an antique 12 gauge.

To be fair, he also had this gun:

Which appears to be a Star 9mm, which is also more of a collector’s item than a practical weapon. It is definitely not something anyone would plan to use in a mass shooting, unless they were literally retar – ah, okay.

The cops are excusing this lunacy with the old “we don’t have to explain how this makes sense because the guy planning it is literally a drooling retard – just look at this picture of his potato face.”

You know, they did this to Moslems too – this thing with finding retarded people to pin fake crimes on.

Sami Osmakac was literally retarded, and the FBI actually talked about him being retarded when they were entrapping him.

Sami actually looks less retarded than this NC retard.

After the FBI entrapped him in a plot, Sami’s family and lawyers were like “yeah but he’s retarded tho,” and the judge was like “being a retard is no defense!” He was sentenced to 40 years.

With all of these recent swoopings, there isn’t even an ideology. They’re not even trying to say these people are all “white supremacist neo-Nazis.” They hint at it, like with saying this retard in question “studied” Dylann Roof. But they’re not seriously making that claim. The common denominator, however, is that all of these guys getting swooped up are white.

This is basically a conspiracy to outlaw whiteness.