Negress Doctor Invokes Jew Book to Argue That Whites Must be Eliminated

Daily Stormer
January 12, 2020

Rhea Boyd, MD

Negress doctor Rhea Boyd, MD posted a Twitter thread recently arguing that whites need to be eliminated.

Of course, she didn’t actually say whites. She said “whiteness” – the abstract “social construct,” not the people, you understand. This is the latest Talmudic sophistry our enemies use to mask genocidal race-hate as progressive social change. Whites can be allowed to continue to exist as long as they abandon any sense of their own identity. Well, thanks much, Jews and browns, for that small concession.

This wasn’t just some random black bitch chimping out on Twitter either. Her Twitter thread (she has since locked her Twitter account but you can see an archive of her thread here) was just a summary of her article published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.

The negress doctor, it seems, doesn’t do much actual healing of sick people. As a Diversity and Inclusion specialist, she seems to spend most of her time complaining about Whitey’s racism instead.

Negresses, of course, even negress doctors, don’t have the intellectual sophistication to think up something like this. Her anti-white race-hate rhetoric was inspired by a book written by the Jew Jonathan Metzl.

In this book (which the AIM publicly challenged at its launch), the Jew basically argues that whites deserve to die because of their racism, and that white men deserve to die even more because of their racism and male chauvinism.

Of course, he doesn’t say that explicitly. Like the negress, he cloaks his genocidal impulses in the garb of progressive social change.

“Die faster, my fellow whites”

Stripped of its Talmudic sophistries, his argument boils down to this.

White men are the leading victims of gun suicide. White men have an irrational love for guns because it gives them a macho feeling of superiority over non-whites. For that reason they refuse to vote for the gun ownership restriction laws that would ultimately reduce the incidence of gun suicide.

So whites are dying because of their own moral failings, and their deaths can be construed as a kind of righteous punishment for the sin of racism.

Whites are also dying because they lack access to healthcare provision. Governments could provide healthcare like they do in Canada and Europe but white Americans won’t vote for it because they associate it with Socialism which they, in turn, associate with brown-skinned people.

So, again, whites are dying because of their own moral failings, and their deaths can be construed as a kind of righteous punishment for the sin of racism.

Only when whites give up the sinful habit of wanting to exist will they have merited salvation in the future Jew-run Kalergi paradise.

The Jew’s modus operandi is to present himself as an earnest healthcare professional, sincerely concerned for the well-being of all. Now and then, though, the mask slips, and he can’t contain a little gloat about all the white men who are dying. Here, for example, he can’t contain a wry chuckle at the men dying because of feminism.

Metzl isn’t a real doctor. He’s a “Professor of Sociology and Psychiatry,” specializing in the bogus Jewish social construct known as “mental illness,” yet another in the long line of Jewish ideational devices used to pathologize European normality. This concept was launched into the mainstream by his fellow Jew Sigismund Schlomo Freud, whom Metzl quotes approvingly in his book despite Freud having been long ago exposed as a pseudo-scientist and a fraud.

We should acknowledge, however, that there is a kernel of truth in the Jew’s argument. He is right that people do tend to irrationally obsess about perceived ethnic adversaries. We are hardwired by nature to respond to threats from predators. Impersonal threats like air pollution or medical incompetence kill far more people than terrorism but provoke nothing like the same emotional response because there are no obvious predators involved. And, yes, these emotional responses do sometimes cause people to make decisions that are sub-optimal or even harmful as regards their own well-being.

Where the Jew errs is to present this as a pathology of white people. It is, in fact, a general phenomenon and one of the key reasons why Diversity does not work and can never work.

Jews, too, are prone to such irrational and hateful obsession about ethnic adversaries that they bring ruin upon themselves in the pursuit of bringing ruin upon their enemies. As Jew David Cole admitted recently in Takimag:

When it came to defeating Hitler, the attitude of influential American Jews in politics, academia, and the press was that Germany had to be destroyed, regardless of the collateral damage to Jews. There are far too many Jews who think they’re still fighting that war, not against Hitler per se, but against the West that gave rise to him, a white Christian world that must be defeated to finish the fight from eighty years ago. And again, the collateral damage is expected and accepted. It’s not a consciously understood agenda. It’s just a long-simmering paranoia about how whites, who gave us our last really serious pantsing in the ’40s, are always coiled to strike again.

Leftist Jews will tolerate the violence from predatory ghetto rats and Third World immigrants, because such untermenschen are seen as necessary evils in the fight to destroy a greater evil.

The importation of immigrants from uncivilized nations is an essential element in the destruction of the West. That many of those immigrants are deeply and innately anti-Jewish is something leftist Jews understand and indulge.

We look forward to Boyd and Metzl’s next collaborative effort in which they will call for the elimination of “blackness” and “Jewishness.” Not the people, you understand, as the Daily Stormer opposes violence. Just the harmful and divisive social constructs.