Negroes Beg Whites to Waste Money on Kosher Sports

Modern Heretic
January 4, 2014

Are Whites waking up? The answer seems to be “yes.” Although the glacial progress is frustrating at times there’s no denying that forward progress is being made. The rise of the internet and the open expression it brings is steadily breaking the monopoly over the flow of information and opinion that has been held by The Light of the World for the last several decades. Videos of typical negro behavior litter the online world, proving the old “stereotypes” while the truth about racial differences in intelligence and behavior is now being grudging accepted even in some communist indoctrination centers. We’re making progress, the only question remaining is if it’s enough and if it’s too late in the game to mean anything.

It also means difficulty selling Africa Ball tickets to Whites who are possibly getting sick of the kosher commercialism, the on-field monkey-shines, the off-field criminality and the steady push to remove every last pale face from televised sports in order to advance “diversity.”

Some Cincinnati Bengals players have made a video urging fans to buy unsold tickets for the weekend’s playoff game.

Yes, negroes that are paid millions a year to play a child’s game are begging working Whites to waste their hard-earned money on an ugly jewish spectacle. “Yo, White debil, spend yo chedda on dis rot, it be im-po-ant dat Abe Silverman be gettin’ slightly mo’ rich.”

“After winning the AFC North Division two weekends ago, the Club redoubled its efforts to move all remaining unsold seats to our home playoff game — approximately 15,000 tickets. Sales over the last week have been steady, and the number of unsold tickets has dipped below 10,000. We are appreciative of that response.

Are the numbers of completely debased Whites willing to pay insane fees to go to a negro worship ceremony decreasing? It would appear that is the case. The enemy is starting to sweat.

"Y'all creepy crakas need to be spendin' yo shekels on dis sheet, fo' real."
“Y’all creepy crakas need to be spendin’ yo shekels on dis sheet, fo’ real.”

The Club appreciates the support we are seeing and remains excited about next Sunday’s game. However, we need to be candid that — unless the rate of daily sales increases — we will not achieve a sellout, and the game will not be televised in Cincinnati, Dayton or Lexington, Ky., per NFL policy.

A day without jew-controlled sports. Suggested alternative activities: take a walk in nature, practice at the shooting range, spend time with your White family, exercise, read a book, etc. Pull the plug on the spiritual sickness, White man.

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Without White support most of the weapons being used against us would become harmless. The negro ball league would wither and die, discovering their endless pandering to negroes and la-teen-ohs does not equal geld from ticket sales. We need to stop funding our own destruction. Turn off the telavivision.