Netherlands: 55% of the Dutch Say There are Too Many Immigrants

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
November 16, 2014

The Dutch people. Where are they?
The Dutch people. Where are they?

A poll by Ipsos MORI, a market research company, took 1,136 Dutch people aged 18 and over and asked them what they thought of immigration into the Netherlands.

55% of people surveyed said immigration was “too high”; 25% said immigration was “just right”; 2% said immigration was “too low”, and 18% were undecided.

When asked about immigration on a local level, rather than a national level, 59% said there was the right amount of immigrants in their local area, but this time 24% said there were too many.

The participants were also asked about multiculturalism and mixing cultures. 47% said it was causing problems nationally, but 27% said it was causing problems in their local area.

When polling companies ask the public about immigration, they usually find that the majority/near majority of White people are against it.

In Sweden, a poll found 44% of people said there were too many immigrants; in Finland, 90% of young people wanted less immigration; in Germany, 1 out of 3 people wanted to stop immigration from Muslim countries; in Britain, 75% wanted less immigrants; in the Czech Republic, 90% opposed Islam, and in the USA 77% said illegal immigrants should be sent home.

However, the only White country in recent history that has successfully voted against mass immigration has been Switzerland, earlier this year.

It is doubtful that there’s a single majority White country on this planet where its majority wants to increase immigration, so why does it continue to increase?

Without non-White immigrants pouring into White countries around the globe, it becomes impossible for the anti-Whites in power to get rid of White people.

Deliberately getting rid of  White people – with any methods whatsoever, violent, or non-violent – is White genocide; genocide has clearly been defined in international law.